Wallpaper in the Bathroom

Add pattern and color to a white bathroom

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Image from Pinterest

Lately, I have been strangely drawn to wallpaper, which is crazy because I know from personal experience just how difficult it is to remove.

Image from Apartment Therapy

I am the same person who adamantly hated wallpaper and swore I would never do that to our beautiful plaster walls. Well, never say never…

I am considering indulging my wallpaper lust, but starting small by hanging it in our tiny powder room.

Our power room is in the midst of getting a few updates. We recently purchased an Ann sink from IKEA. It is about the only sink that I could find that fit our requirements of being affordable and small enough to work in the space. We also tiled behind the sink to prevent problems with water splashing onto the walls.

And I am considering the Mme. Jeanne wallpaper from Grow House Grow. The pattern is loosely based on mollusk scallop shells. I like how it mimics the round shape of the sink.

Hmmmmm…will I regret this? It isn’t as easy as painting over the walls if I change my mind.

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More Vintage Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

Ideas to create a period perfect bathroom

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Forerunner of the modern shower.


Hajoca Plumbing Goods showers


Hajoca Plumbing Goods shower accessories


Hajoca Plumbing Goods bath tubs


Kohler “Viceroy” bath tub


Standard nickel plated towel bars

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Vintage Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

Inspiration for period perfect details

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For someone needing inspiration to restore a bungalow bathroom or the old house buff who likes to get all the details period perfect, I am posting images from several plumbing supply catalogs dating from 1910’s – 1920’s. You might also enjoy seeing photos and illustrations of period bathrooms during the same time period.

These sinks were named “Filmore” Lavatory


Hajoca Plumbing Goods offered by the Haines, Jones & Cadbury Company


Public sink fixture sold by Standard.


Kohler bathroom accessories


Hajoca Plumbing Goods


Kohler toilets


Bathroom accessories by Hajoca Plumbing Goods

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Valentine’s Day Present

And you guys thought I wasn’t romantic

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David’s Valentine’s Day present. Toto toilet with a walnut seat.

David is really the only person who uses the downstairs half bath. I decided it was time for him to get an upgrade!

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One More Thing to Love About the Bathroom

As if we need more!

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The bathtub is just the right size to give two corgis a bath and the sides are high enough that they can’t jump out.

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Bungalow Bathroom Remodel

It’s Finished!

Bathrooms, Before and After

Bungalow Bathroom Remodel, Before & After

The bathroom project is finally complete. Whew! We are thrilled with the results.

Starting with an inspiration photo, to picking out all the fixtures, to taking the room down to the studs and slowly putting it back together again; this has been the most difficult project completed in our house. So many decisions…

The updated bathroom is the project that has increased our enjoyment of the house the most. It is hard to believe that such a little room can have a big impact.

Our contractor built a door to match the original closet door and framed out a larger storage space.

For the first time in 98 years our house has a shower!

The ceiling fixture and sconce from Schoolhouse Electric help pull the room together.

My favorite things about the remodel? The marble floors…

the additional storage space…

and the color…

All the soft white tones make me happy!

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Hello Future Homeowner, It’s Us!

Sending a Message to the Future

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We replaced the glass in the bathroom medicine cabinet. I hid a photo of us behind the glass to be found someday.

I wrote a brief note on the back of the photo. I probably should have written something more poetic, instead I scrawled out the first thing that came to mind. Our names, the date and “We remodeled the bathroom. I hope we did a good job. We tried our best. We purchased the house Sept. 2002. The 4th owners. Will anyone even find this someday? Love and best wishes to the future!”

And I do wonder if anyone will ever find it? A part of me must be an optimist.

The medicine cabinet door finally installed. It won’t be long until I fill it up with all my lotions and beauty potions.

Detail of the butterfly hinge.

It’s all about the details, isn’t it?

The bathroom remodel is so close to being finished…almost…there. The shower attachment still needs to be installed and a few other odds and ends. The big reveal is coming soon.

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Bungalow Bathroom Remodel

Small, Happy, Clean & White

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Finding the right shade of white paint can be a very difficult process. After trying numerous whites that were too blue, too green or too just not right, I hand mixed my own color. It is a pretty, soft white with a gray undertone. The bright white trim makes the wall color stand out.

We still have lots of little touches to finish up, but the tub, toilet and sink are installed. Oh, happy day!

We have been asked why we didn’t use refurbished antique or vintage plumbing fixtures. I think they are lovely and worth every penny if you can afford it. But, this is a bathroom remodel on a budget where every penny counts. It was more important for us to put our money towards desperately needed storage space.

Truth be told, after living with our old bathroom for 7 years, I just wanted everything to be brand new and to feel clean. No matter how much we cleaned the old bathroom, it never really felt clean.

Whether you decide to go with antique plumbing fixtures, modern fixtures in a vintage style or something completely modern, get something that you love and that makes you feel happy whenever you walk into the room.

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We have a tub!

Bathrooms, Restoration Diary

For those who haven’t been following along, we haven’t been able to bathe at home since our tub was removed. There is no other tub or shower in the house. The tub was held up in Customs and several other delays.

Our bathtub has finally arrived and is in place. Now, if we could just get ahold of the plumber. I am one stinky, cranky woman and I WILL hunt him down. Only kidding…sort-of.

The tile around the tub has been grouted. A lot of people cautioned us against going with white grout because it is supposedly difficult to keep clean. But, I love the look, so clean and…white.

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I’m Floored

by Carrara Marble

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The marble floor is even more gorgeous than I imagined.

I know it isn’t traditional, but I love the look.

Detail of the tile baseboard.

I wanted to mimic the height of the wooden baseboards we have throughout the house in the bathroom. I selected a tile chair rail molding and liner to make the “baseboard”. I can’t wait to see everything grouted.

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