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What better time to show you the baby’s nursery than Mother’s Day weekend? Since our families both live so far away it is important to us to incorporate items and memories of them into the baby’s room.

The nursery used to be our home office. It also served as a make-shift kitchen during our kitchen remodel. The baby came early and our kitchen remodel ran late leaving no time to paint the room. My heart had been set on the softest, peachiest pink color.

Instead, I left the wall color and added lots of pink and white with little accents of black to make the room seem more feminine. Resources: bed, rug, and ceiling pendant.

David and my Dad threw the room together in one evening while I directed where everything should be placed from my hospital bed. I hung the curtains and artwork after Juliet and I came home.

The painting of the bear was painted by my mother for me before I was born. The other artwork can be found here, here and here.

My Mom also painted the dog to hang in my nursery. Other artwork here, here, and here. Resting on top of the cabinet next to the lamp is a framed photograph of the house my grandmother grew up in.

My grandma and grandpa bought the little red chair for me when I was a toddler. It sat in their living room until long after I had graduated from college and moved to California. David’s sister made him the panda bear one year for Christmas.

Oeuf Sparrow changing table, mobile, artwork, and diaper disposal system (which we LOVE).

I am a fan of incorporating adult furniture into children’s rooms. The Chinese panels hung in the house David grew up in. When his parents moved to Hong Kong a few years ago the panels were the one thing David wanted. It makes me happy that they now hang in our daughter’s room.

Other items: Rocking chair, side table came from Target but is no longer available, and the Pottery Barn Teen lamp (the one we bought) is a knock off of this lamp.

The enormous stuffed bear was a gift from my father welcoming Juliet into our family. Her name is embroidered on the bear’s foot.

I will be celebrating my first Mother’s Day tomorrow! A very happy Mother’s Day to all the special ladies out there.

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Taking A Fresh Look at Bungalow Living Rooms

What can you learn by looking to the past?

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lr_07Bungalow living room anchored by a desk

Looking at these historic photos and illustrations from the early 1900′s, I find it interesting that so many of the living rooms feature a table or desk in the middle of the room. This was the era before coffee tables were popular.


lr_051Photo of an upper class home, taken around 1914


lr_04Armstrong linoleum advertisement featuring a desk placed behind the sofa.


lr_03This photo was captioned “A simple bungalow living room” in the original publication. The room is sparsely decorated with a small table and lamp in the middle of the room.


lr_08Desk in front of the fireplace.


lr_01Side table and chair in front of the fireplace.


lr_06Desk in the center of the room.


lr_02Desk is prominently placed in the living room.

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Children’s Rooms

Nurseries and Playrooms

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I find this room striking with the bold color combination, the detail on the gate at the end of the room, and the built-in storage area underneath repetitive bold prints.


it is interesting to see the colors pink and blue so well integrated with each other.


This room could almost be an adult room except for the child sized furniture.

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Living Room Resources

Paint, stain, and products


:: Paint ::
Ceiling Color: SW 6387, Compatible Cream
website: www.Sherwin-Williams.com

Wall Color: HC-34 Wilmington Tan
BENJAMIN MOORE Historical Collection
website: www.benjaminmoore.com

:: Stain ::
Read all about the paint stripping and staining process, the stain color and stain recipes here.

:: Reproduction Casement Window Latches and Entry Door Strike Plate ::
3439 NE Sandy Blvd P.M.B. 106
Portland, OR 97232
phone: 888.223.2545
fax: 503.233.1312
website: www.houseofantiquehardware.com

:: Switchplates and Return Vent Cover ::
2550 N.W. Nicolai Street
Portland, OR 97210
Sales & Service: 888.401.1900
Retail Store: 1100 S.E. Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214 (503.238.1900)
website: www.rejuvenation.com

:: Register Cover ::
PMB 343, 2525 E. 29th, Suite 10B
Spokane, WA 99223
telephone: 509-535-5098
fax: 509-534-8916
website: www.crafthome.com

Register Cover: Metal Registers Style 1, Antique Brass Finish
They now offer nice Mission and Rickenbacker style register covers that weren’t available when we purchased our register covers last year. Although, I would still probably select Style 1 since it most closely matches the original wall register cover found in the house.

:: 1910 Arts & Crafts/Mission Chandelier ::
ECLECTIC REVIVAL, Fine Vintage Lighting & Decorative Arts
email: [email protected]
website: www.eclecticrevival.com

:: Wooden Electrical Outlet Covers and Deadbolt ::
website: www.homedepot.com
Electrical Outlets had been added to our floors. I replaced the covers with natural wood ones that I stained to match our red oak floors. David found a deadbolt that is from The Craftsman Collection.

:: Furniture ::
CRATE & BARREL, Leather Club Chair and Sleeper Sofa
website: www.crateandbarrel.com

website: www.restorationhardware.com

POTTERY BARN, Side and Coffee Tables, Henry Line
website: www.potterybarn.com

::Window Shades ::
phone: 800.248.8888
website: www.smithandnoble.com

:: Paint Stripping, Wallpaper Removal, and Plastering::
J & C Home Repair
626.793.7091 ask for Juan

:: Floor Refinishing ::
phone: 818.705.8799
cell: 213.798.9097

See Bungalow Living Room Before & After photos.

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Bungalow Living Room

Removing paint revealed our bungalow’s warmth

Before and After,

The front entry seems so much more inviting now.

The plaster wall has been repaired, the wood stripped and stained, and the walls painted.

Looking into the den before.

Looking into the den now.

Built-in book shelf and the gentleman caller’s bench.

David stripping the paint of our fireplace and fireplace today.

:: See how we brought back our fireplace’s luster after the bricks faded during the paint stripping process. ::

Stripping away layers of paint.

Lulu in the finished living room.

See Living Room Resources to learn about the products used in our restoration.

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Den Almost Done

My favorite part of a restoration is seeing the room come together

Paint, Restoration Diary, Woodwork,

Well, the den is 95% finished. There is some touch up work here and there and we need to hang the light fixtures once they arrive.

My favorite part of a restoration is seeing the room come together, especially after it used to look so bad!

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Den & Dogs

Walls painted Great Barrington Green from the Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Collection

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Yesterday we got a male corgi puppy. We are calling him Simon. At first Lulu, our 4.5 years old slightly spoiled female corgi, seemed to accept Simon. They even briefly played together.

Lulu and Simon

Once she realized that he was staying she changed her mind. She is showing her teeth at Simon any time he comes near what she considers her territory – which is almost everything. Of course, the cats are less than thrilled and we are getting the cold shoulder.

What does that have to do with our den? Not a whole lot except that all the above is highly distracting. The woodwork in the den has been bleached, stained and varnished. Paint is on the walls. I picked the color on my first try this time! Real progress. The color is Great Barrington Green from the Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Collection.

The walls above the picture rail and the ceiling still need to be painted.

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House Update

Wonder what’s been going on at our house?

Restoration Diary, ,

The walls of the den are being plastered.

So much better than before!

This wall and the ceiling will be drywalled with a skim coat of plaster over it.

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The Den’s Ceiling Removed

Restoration Diary,

The plaster ceiling in our den has been torn down. We now have open access to easily update the electrical work, plus add some wall sockets. I guess there is always a silver lining?

Later today the plumber is coming to remove an old gas line that is coming out of the baseboard. It is capped but still live. The gas line was leaking when we first moved into the house so I am relieved to see it go. We are having the open walls and ceiling cavity sprayed with borate to prevent future termite infestations.

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Den Disaster

Too many things wrong to mention...

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Sometimes, I’d rather not know. Really, really rather not know. Really. The plaster walls are in horrific shape.


Wallpaper is the only thing holding the ceiling up. The plaster has completely disconnected from the lath. The plaster ceiling cannot be saved and will need to be replaced with drywall due to cost restrictions.

Sad plaster walls

The wall between the kitchen and den had already been replaced with drywall by the previous owner. Once the drywall came off we found that 3 of the wall studs, which support the second story, are damaged by dry rot.

Dry rot

That corner of the room sits underneath the upstairs bath. That must have been one hell of a water leak!

Dry rot

The bottom of the studs are completely eaten through by dry rot in places. It makes me wonder why the second story hasn’t started to sink into the den?


We also discovered an old termite infestation. There were no live termites but they had been there and eaten away some of our window frame and the lath.

Sad little den!

It was another bang up day in home ownership! Tequila. I need lots and lots of tequila.

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