Antique Door Hardware & Lock Repair

When your lock is almost 100 years old, you need to make friends with a good lock repairman



When you have a problem with an antique lock you can’t just call a locksmith.

Our 95 year old door handle has become a little temperamental in the past few years. On different occasions our lock has jammed, the door knob has broken off, and the door wouldn’t open from the outside.

I contacted Liz’s Anique Hardware, a Los Angeles institution, about our problem. I spoke with Bryan Wood and learned that he often fixes old hardware and locks in the West Adams area. Bryan has been out to our house several times and has gotten our door handle back up and running.

Bryan was just here last night. Hopefully, our door hardware will be good for another year.

Call Liz’s Anique Hardware 323.939.4403 and ask for Bryan Wood in the antique hardware section.

Update: If you are in the Los Angeles area, Bryan Wood can now be reached through email at [email protected] or phone: 310-880-0955

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Antique Stained Glass Windows

Restoration Diary,

Have I said before how much I love eBay? I have had good luck finding antique light fixtures and hardware for the house. My latest eBay find is 6 stained glass windows that I intend to use on the back porch when we rebuild it.


Right now the porch functions as a utility area but it was originally open to the backyard and probably served as a covered outdoor sitting area. I’d like to use the space as a small sitting area off the kitchen, a quiet place to drink a cup of hot tea.

Something as grand as stained glass would not have been used on a back porch but they are from the period, will block an ugly view of our humongous garage, were cheaper than buying new wood windows or having them made and hey, they are pretty and I really like them.


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