10 Questions For Real Estate Agent Adam Janeiro

Representing buyers and sellers in LA’s oldest neighborhoods


adamjaneiroAdam Janeiro’s bungalow

Adam Janeiro is a Los Angeles real estate agent who specializes in older homes. He was kind enough to indulge my curiosity about buying and selling older homes, and the impact of the economy on the real estate market in Los Angeles’ historic neighborhoods.

1. 1912 Bungalow: You seem to have a passion for older homes. Where did that start?

Adam Janeiro: I grew up in Oakland California. My parents were teachers and we would often summer elsewhere. I was energized by Manhattan and bored by Montana. I was powerfully drawn to cities. On weekends, I would take BART to San Francisco, exit a station and begin walking, without plan or destination. Later, I realized I was most often drawn to those sections of the city wherein the buildings were oldest.

2. 1912 Bungalow: You work in a niche market, representing buyers and sellers of older homes. Are there any differences within this market compared to the traditional real estate market?

Adam Janeiro: The neighborhoods (wherein older homes are found) often feature a more complex web of uses, which create greater differences over smaller areas. This requires navigation and an understanding that often transcends the immediate visual experience. Also, value is often vested—or realized differently.

A thorough knowledge of the styles are essential too, because the thing that is the most unusual frequently holds the most value. An agent has to be able to identify and quantify those elements to which the most value is attached. Certain alterations, celebrated elsewhere, might have grave re-sale implications in historic districts.

3. 1912 Bungalow: You run a wonderful blog, Recentering El Pueblo. First of all, what does Recentering El Plueblo mean? What prompted you to start your blog?

Adam Janeiro: Los Angeles, and certainly the Los Angeles real estate industry, tends to be very West-centric; yet, the historic center of the city (of the Pueblo) lies elsewhere. It began not as a marketing tool—nicely it’s become a bit of one—but as an intellectual regimen, a discipline.

4. 1912 Bungalow: What is the biggest misconception about the real estate market right now?


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