Winter Roses


Roses started blooming a few days before Christmas.

This is the first year that our climbing rose bush has blossomed in the winter.

Since I grew up in the Midwest it is a real thrill to look out the window and see big, beautiful roses in the middle of winter. It makes almost makes up for never having a white Christmas.

People escaping the East coast and Midwestern winters spent time in California in the early 1900s. They mailed postcards overflowing with flowers and lush vegetation to winterbound friends and family back home.

This card from 1910 reads “California Bungalow in Winter” with so many palm trees and plants that you can barely see the bungalow.


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Flora, Fauna & Another Harmonica

Building a living doghouse out of vines and more

Restoration Diary, ,


When we purchased our house we also become the proud owners of
one yard plant.


Exhibit A) This is one of the earliest photos of our new-to-us house.
When I look at the asbestos siding, vinyl windows, less than stellar
paint job and collapsing front porch I have to wonder, “WHAT were
we thinking?! Why did we agree to pay the full asking price?”
Oh, that’s right, we live in Los Angeles…

The photo captures the lone plant that came with our house (outlined
in pink). I had brought over some pink azaleas and a hanging plant
from our apartment, not that they made a big improvement.


Exhibit B) This is our house today. Boy, what a difference some
paint, our life savings and a few plants can make! I am training a
passion vine to grow up over the open beams at the end of the


I have been completely surprised by these $3.99 climbing roses
from Home Depot. I was never a “rose person” and probably
wouldn’t have picked these up if they hadn’t been priced to sell
on triple mark down. I’m now a full fledged rose convert.


I wish I knew the name of this yellow rose. The blooms are huge!


This nameless pink rose is starting to intertwine with the purple
flowered passion vine. The result should be lovely.


My solution to our ugly, rusting chain-link fence until we can
afford to replace it. This vine was also on sale at Home Depot.


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