Making an Entrance

Our new redwood gate

Before and After, Landscaping,

Our new front gate! We don’t have the funds to swing for the whole fence, at least not for a while.

I tried to disguise our old gate and rusty chain link fence with vines and climbing roses.

Our fence is made out of redwood. The new fence makes such a difference. Our front entrance looks more inviting.

The design of the fence is based of a 1915 Thorburn’s Seeds advertisement. We hired a carpenter to build the gate using this advertisement as a guide. I requested that the posts be squared off to better match the architecture of our bungalow.

Our oversized letter slot from House of Antique Hardware. It is called the Bungalow Mail Slot. I admit the name sold me!

The mailbox is built onto the back of the gate.

We are in love with the new gate!

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