Furnace Problems

Restoration Diary,

Tom Hanks in “The Money Pit”

Oh, if it’s not one thing it’s another. My brother, John, jokingly calls our house The Money Pit and sometimes I think he may be right. We have been having problems with our furnace. Sometimes it works perfectly yet other times it will take up to 5 hours to start heating. Last night David said it was blowing out cold air.

This morning a service representative from Continental Refrigeration/Heating & Air, Inc. came out to inspect our furnace. He found that the intake and out-take exhaust pipes were improperly installed and sloping the wrong way causing condensation and water to get trapped in the pipes. He also recommended doing a complete reinstallation of all the duct work using our existing furnace. This would cost almost as much as the furnace itself. We have decided to have the pipes reinstalled but will wait to redo all the duct work next year.

Two months after we purchased the house my Dad came out and we (mostly he) installed central heating since our house had no heat and we didn’t have 10K for a furnace. He purchased the equipment in Indiana at a fraction of the cost it was being sold for in Los Angeles. I think he did a good job considering that he’s never installed a furnace before. It certainly got us through the winter last year but we want things to be right and so we will address these problems with the installation. In the mean time, since we have no heat, David is going to pick up a space heater. It gets cold at night in California!

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Getting New Furnace, Nov 2002

Restoration Diary,

Two months after we moved into the house my Dad drove out from Indiana and installed a furnace for us. We had no heat in the house and I don’t think my Dad could stand the idea of me freezing out here in Southern California (hey, we do get cold nights and I am usually wearing a coat by November).

At that time we couldn’t afford the 10K + quotes we were given to purchase and install a new furnace so my Dad purchased the equipment at a fraction of the cost in Indiana and we (mostly he) installed it ourselves. We have had a few minor set backs due to the DIY installation, not that I am complaining.

Not the most flattering or even informative photo of me with the new heater.

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