David, Myself, 3 Guys and Two 60 lb. Jack Hammers

Restoration Diary,

David (in white tank top) working up a sweat.

Ok, ok. Let me show you how it’s done.

Doing my “main” job…putting the broken up concrete into a pile.

And what a pile it is…we are now back to being the scourge of the neighborhood!

Good-bye cement lawn. I won’t miss you at all.

Comments { 11 } September 27, 2004

The Cement Lawn

Help! My grass is cement.

Restoration Diary,

The lawn of our Los Angeles bungalow
The lawn of our Los Angeles bungalow

It is a Los Angeles epidemic. The cement lawn is a very popular thing to have, even considered a selling point.

I spoke with a neighbor the other day and told her we were planning on removing our cement lawn. She couldn’t understand why since the cement was put in a year before we purchased the house (lucky us) and it cuts down on lawn maintenance!

Comments { 5 } April 12, 2004