Asbestos Free, April 2004

We have taken off the asbestos siding. What now?

Restoration Diary,

We are so glad to see the asbestos siding go. It looked awful. We can see what the house is going to look like and that is very exciting, on the other hand it is going to take a lot of work to get there…

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Asbestos Shingles…Cry, Cry!

Asbestos Abatement Aftermath

Restoration Diary, ,

The front of our bungalow after the asbestos shingles were removed.

Oh, dear lord…the abatement guys knocked on my door after they were finished and said sorry. Sorry? The condition of our original clapboard siding looked pretty shabby to them. They know we are restoring the house and I think they feel sorry for us.

Odd hole cut into the side of our house.

There is a gaping hole in the side of our house next to our upstairs bathroom. Why? Maybe that is how someone got the original clawfoot bath tub out, other than that it is anyone’s guess?

I immediately went outside and started pulling the black paper off the house. The front and side of our house that faces the street look pretty good. Not great, but not in the sorry realm.

Termite damage

Although, the gaping hole in the South side of our house and bobbled back porch addition is pretty sorry. I am not prepared to deal with the condition of our wood any more today because I am afraid upon further inspection I will discover plenty to be sorry about. I keep wondering, “How much? How much is this going to cost us?”

Enclosed back porch. This doesn’t look pretty.

I have a work deadline that is due at the end of the day today, but am finding it difficult to concentrate. I support our house by doing freelance graphic design work. Our friend Jeff also stopped by and wanted me to touch up his acting photographs.

Meanwhile, I am on the phone with David, “No, there is a hole, a huge hole on the side of our house. What do you mean what type of hole? The type of hole with no wood over it! It looks like birds can fly into our house.”

All of our windows are missing a bottom piece of trim.

In the midst of all this Simon was left upstairs by himself and forgotten until I heard him tumbling down the stairs and landing at the bottom with a yip and a thud. Oh, the guilt! He was rushed to the vet. He has a sprained front leg but nothing is broken. I am supposed to keep him quiet for the next few days, easier said than done.

The area around the chimney obviously has some issues.

I thought I had prepared myself for whatever was waiting underneath the asbestos. I told everyone I was hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. Even though we have ended up somewhere in between, the eternal optimist in me feels disappointed, ok, crushed is more accurate.

My newly planted flowers didn’t fair well.

I am always hopeful that one project will go smoothly like it does on all those television home improvement shows. You know, the ones where they re-do a house in 4 days or something like that. We will be lucky to be finished 4 years!

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Asbestos Shingles Bye-Bye!

Asbestos Abatement

Restoration Diary,

Today is the big day. The asbestos siding is coming off the house right now. The abatement guys are in their haz-mat suits and there is yellow caution tape all around our house.

Getting into their haz-mat suits

The noise of them taking off the asbestos shingles is louder than I expected, lots of banging. I can’t go outside yet (obviously) to see what condition the original wood siding underneath is in. I am just hoping that the original wood is fine and it won’t need to be replaced. Fingers crossed!

The cost of disposing of large quantities of asbestos in Los Angeles is so expensive that we actually saved money by having the siding removed and disposed of by a professional company. We went with Fresh Air Environmental Services Inc. out of Commerce, CA.

Read how everything turned out Asbestos Shingles…Cry, Cry!

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Restoration Diary,

The grey coating on top of the register vent is asbestos. I covered the hole to keep the cats out of it.

Today, Kevin from Fresh Air Environmental Services Inc. came over to look at the asbestos insulation covering our original heating ducts and register returns. His advice? Leave the asbestos alone. He assured me that as long as asbestos is well sealed in the walls it will do no harm. He felt that our asbestos was in good shape. This surprised me because it appeared to be in bad shape to me, with little tears here and there. He said once the heat duct was sealed back up in the wall that it would be nothing to worry about.


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