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Decisions, decisions

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Paint color creates the mood and makes a huge impact in any room. I am looking for something that feels peaceful and soothing for our bedroom, which led me to search for a soft, faded grayish-pinky-tuape color.

After deciding to go in this direction, I found the above photo of a room designed by renowned decorator Windsor Smith. This was enough to convince me that I am going in the right direction. Hey, if it is good enough for Windsor…

I have decided to go with the paint color on the far left, a very pretty color from Dunn Edwards called Chocolate Milk (DE6059) with a soft blue-gray color on the ceiling.

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Bungalow Bedroom Progress

Quick little update

Bedrooms, Restoration Diary

The plaster walls are sanded and ready to be primed.


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Cozy Bedrooms

Design Ideas

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I am in need of inspiration! Doesn’t this bed look comfortable?

I really like the colors of this room. They seem soothing and calm.

I wish my plaster walls looked this beautiful in their natural state.

I like the oversized artwork and that it is centered over the side table instead of the bed.

A tapestry used as a headboard is interesting.

Note: These images came from my inspiration folder. I am sorry that I didn’t save the original source information.

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Storage Spaces

Love the old house, hate the old closet

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How will this closet ever be functional for two people? It isn’t like we are clothes horses, but we do have a reasonable amount of clothing between the two of us. I’m not convinced there is enough space for my shoes! The closet is long and extremely narrow. For the past 99 years it has functioned without any lighting.


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Saving the Plaster Walls

Bungalow Bedroom Renovation

Bedrooms, Restoration Diary

The plaster walls were able to be saved despite their sad condition.


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Bungalow Bedroom Renovation


Bedrooms, Restoration Diary

I didn’t think it was possible, but the room has gone from bad to worse! With the wallpaper removed we can see the original wall color from 1912. I love green, so I don’t mind this color, but I’m planning on a paint color that is lighter and more soothing.


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Bungalow Bedroom

And, boy does this room need a lot of work!

Bedrooms, Restoration Diary

It is horrible! What else is there to say? This upstairs room functioned as my office for many years. Because it is located off of our bathroom we decided to switch the rooms, making our old bedroom into our new home office.

The truth is I have been holding out on you guys. This room is almost finished! I’ve been a little distracted lately and I’m behind on posting.

The dog matches the wall color in the above photo. Really, we didn’t plan it that way. Although, I do have a confession. Here is a picture of me starting my very first home improvement project. Notice the paint color? I take full responsibility for the orange walls.


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Making an Entrance

Our new redwood gate

Before and After, Landscaping,

Our new front gate! We don’t have the funds to swing for the whole fence, at least not for a while.

I tried to disguise our old gate and rusty chain link fence with vines and climbing roses.

Our fence is made out of redwood. The new fence makes such a difference. Our front entrance looks more inviting.

The design of the fence is based of a 1915 Thorburn’s Seeds advertisement. We hired a carpenter to build the gate using this advertisement as a guide. I requested that the posts be squared off to better match the architecture of our bungalow.

Our oversized letter slot from House of Antique Hardware. It is called the Bungalow Mail Slot. I admit the name sold me!

The mailbox is built onto the back of the gate.

We are in love with the new gate!

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Home Office

Turning an unused bedroom into a workspace

Before and After,

We have moved into our newly renovated home office and are loving it! We were able to work a lot of our inspirational ideas into the room. We ended up using an IKEA table that we already owned as a desk. The white leather office chairs are from West Elm.

The original closet was very long and narrow…and had no light! This is a far cry from the large his and hers walk-in closets of today. We added double doors for easier access, as well as lighting. A salvaged door was modified to match the original.

The room prior to the renovation wasn’t in the best shape, especially after removing wallpaper from the plaster walls. We had the walls patched and re-plastered. Where the wallpaper has been completely removed, you can see the blue-grey color of the walls from 1912. We painted the room a darker shade of the original paint color.

Ah, the newly built-in window seat is one of my favorite parts of the room. The space was just crying out for it!

I really love our new work space. It is such a comfortable room to spend time in.

Bookshelf – IKEA; Grey Pop Tartan carpet tiles – Flor; Nelson Pear Pendant Lamp – Design Within Reach; red leather lounge chair – CB2; white leather office chairs – West Elm; desk – IKEA; and wall color – Benjamin Moore, Secret AF-710.

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One of my favorite flowers

Nothing Important

Peonies always remind me of my grandmother. I can’t get them to grow in our yard, so I have to buy them. Oh, but they smell heavenly…

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