Neighborhood House Hits the Big Time

ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" filming in West Adams

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bs_011West Adams house featured on “Brothers & Sisters”

I often walk by this house so I was pleasantly surprised to see it pop up on ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters.”


The house hasn’t been lived in since we moved into the neighborhood. I think it is mainly used for filming.


It is a little rundown but would be so amazing if restored. 


The interior photos are a little dark, but look at all that original woodwork!


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House Denied

...and other power struggles

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David and I have been having the House Cleaning War. We aren’t very traditional when it comes to gender roles and usually share the cleaning responsibilities equally. But, lately David has been very busy with work and freelance projects. I have been less busy with work, so David felt I should be picking up more of the cleaning duties.

On the surface, this sounds perfectly reasonable. What I found objectionable was his approach, the way he expected me to clean. I don’t like being bossed around and decided not to not clean…at all…for the past 3 weeks. My decision has not been well recieved.

David would do a little cleaning here and there, getting angrier and angrier every step of the way. This made me want to clean even less, although, there really isn’t much less than nothing at all.

This impass may have continued indefinately except for a business card with “Please call regarding possible filming for TV show” written on the back, left on our front door by a location scout yesterday afternoon. I called the number on the card and set up a time for the production crew to do a walk through of our house today. Of course, I cleaned the house before they came. But, and here is the important thing, I did NOT clean because David ordered me to.

The production crew felt the scale of our house is wrong for their scene and they are looking for bedrooms on the ground floor. They took several pictures of our front door and may want to use it for a different scene. I felt a little sad that our house wasn’t picked. They are going to be filming in two houses on our street.

All minor power struggles in my marriage aside, thank God this TV thing came along. The mess was really starting to get to me.

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Restoration Realities (Part 4)

Watch us build a screen door

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Here is part 4 of 4 of us on Restoration Realities.

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Restoration Realities (Part 3)

Watch us build a screen door

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Here is part 3 of 4 of us on Restoration Realities.

Stay Tuned for Part 4 tomorrow…

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Restoration Realities (Part 2)

Watch us build a screen door and weather proof windows

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Here is part 2 of 4 of us on

Stay Tuned for Part 3 tomorrow…

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Restoration Realities (Part 1)

Watch us build a screen door and weather proof windows

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Just in case you missed it, here is part 1 of 4 of us on

Stay Tuned for Part 2 tomorrow…

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In the Movies & on TV

What are your favorite movie & TV homes?

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Strong family home in “Catch Me if You Can”

Ok, I admit it. Once I get excited about something it is hard for me to stop focusing on it. Some might call it an obsession, I think of it more as enthusiasm. Last night I found myself recording a scene from the movie “Catch Me if You Can” filmed in an old fashioned kitchen.

“Catch Me if You Can” is a good movie, but I became more engrossed with the kitchen than the storyline. The kitchen had built-in cupboards and a sink in the same configuration as in our house. I kept wishing the camera would pull back so I could see where the refrigerator and stove were placed instead of a close-up shot of Leonardo DiCaprio. You know your priorities have changed when you are more excited by a kitchen than a heartthrob!

I did a little research and found a list of bungalows and Craftsman homes in the movies and on TV:

All in the Family: TV series, the classic 1970’s family home of Archie and Edith Bunker.

Back to the Future: movie, filmed at the quintessential Arts and Crafts home, the Gamble house in Pasadena. It was the setting of the professor’s house and the science lab. For a lover of older homes, it doesn’t get better than this!

Beverly Hills 90210: TV series. Dylan McKay’s gorgeous California bungalow. This house was also used in the 2002 movie Clockstoppers. Read about how the house was saved from demolition and see more photos.


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