Finding Functionality in a Miniscule Closet

With elfa closet system

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Photos taken from both ends of our very small closet.

To say that this closet is a challenge is an understatement. It is very long and very narrow with a sloping roof. We decided to go with an elfa closet solution from The Container Store.


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Storage Spaces

Love the old house, hate the old closet

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How will this closet ever be functional for two people? It isn’t like we are clothes horses, but we do have a reasonable amount of clothing between the two of us. I’m not convinced there is enough space for my shoes! The closet is long and extremely narrow. For the past 99 years it has functioned without any lighting.


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Space Saving Built-Ins

Traditional Arts & Crafts built-in furniture

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builtin_01Built-in closet and drawers

In a small space every inch counts. Built-ins offer clever and functional storage solutions for small spaces.

builtin_02Built-in bookcase and bench with lift-top seat for additional storage flank the fireplace

Bookcases, benches or desks utilize the space next to bungalow fireplaces. Fireplaces were considered the heart of the home and made an ideal spot to curl up with a good book.

builtin_03Built-in writing desks

Hiding a desk in a room divider or a corner is a clever way to maximize areas of the room that would not otherwise be used.


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