Exterior Paint Job Almost Done

Our bungalow gets painted

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The body of the house is completely painted. The painters have started
on the trim and the red accent color on the windows.


The front of our house looks so different. It is amazing how paint can
transform a house.


We added lattice over the top of the open beams on the front porch.
I am going to grow vines over the top.


Side of the house.


Back. We still have a pile of trash that needs to be removed. We are
waiting to finish up the painting before putting in a lawn or landscaping.

Body color: Amazon NA60 (Ralph Lauren Naturals palette)
Trim color: Hampton Court NA54 (Ralph Lauren Naturals palette)
Accent color on windows: La Mesa Red (Benjamin Moore)

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Primed and Ready

I can’t wait to see our bungalow painted

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Juan, our carpenter, retrofitting salvaged casement windows for the
upstairs bedroom. This window was originally a casement window and
it is once again.


Primed and ready! The primer is on. All the salvaged windows are in
on the top floor.


Back side.


And the green goes on…After a long struggle trying to select a house
color and changing my mind many times, it all comes down to this. So,
this is the color I picked? Wow, the painted chimney looks bright – add
that to the list. Remove tacky red paint from the chimney bricks…Check.


Simon (the one with black on his back) and Lulu. I don’t make them do
these things. They naturally pose whenever there is a camera around.


All ears.

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House Color Commitment Issues

Having a hard time deciding what color to paint our bungalow

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All the different colors I’ve liked over the past months.

I used to believe I had trouble making up my mind until the day I read a magazine article about men who are commitment phobic. The article was accompanied by a checklist of sneaky symptoms to determine if your potential mate has closet commitment issues. Questions like “Does it take your man 15 minutes or longer to order from a restaurant menu that contains more than 10 items” or “Does your man change jobs suddenly and often because he loses interest” helped me to learn that my man is fine, but I’ve got some major commitment issues.

“Honey, do you think I have problems with commitment?”

“Heather, I had to propose to you 3 times before you said yes!”

“Well, one time was in a grocery store parking lot and that just doesn’t count.”

Lest you think my husband isn’t romantic, one of his proposals took place in a hot air balloon floating in the clouds over wine country. It was beautiful and romantic. Swept up in the moment I said yes. After my feet touched the ground again I had a panic attack and said, “No, I’ve changed my mind. I’m sorry.”

We did end up married, very happily married in fact. Once I make up my mind, I don’t have regrets and I don’t look back but getting to that point is a whole different story.

The two colors I like this week.

This leads me to the 8.5 month indecision over what color to paint the house. What is a commitment phobe to do?

Comments { 3 } May 18, 2004

Exterior On Hold

So many choices. How will we decide what color to paint our bungalow?

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We aren’t moving forward with work on the house until we decide what color to paint it once and for all. This decision has been 8 months in the making. Still not able to decide, we tried some new colors over the weekend just to make sure the grass, er paint, wasn’t greener on someone else’s house. We ended up mostly preferring the colors we had already selected. It is a big decision and we want to make sure that we (ok, me) won’t want to change the color later, like after the paint is purchased and going on the house.

We have run out of room on the front of the house so the side is our new testing ground. Our house looks like it has a case of the chicken pox.

1) I found a beautiful shade of brown that I really like (almost enough to change my mind from green). It glows in the light. It looks like mud in this photo but trust me, in life it is beautiful.

2) This is David’s favorite green. We have been at this so long that it is starting to grow on me.

3) My favorite green, behind the flowers. This isn’t the best photo but the color is a wonderful muted green with a gray undertone.

Any favorites between these 3 colors?

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Farrow & Ball Paint

Traditional paint colors


I recently discovered Farrow & Ball, a company from England that manufactures traditional papers and paint. I did a little research and discovered that the paint colors were developed from scraping original paint fragments off the walls of historic houses in England.

They claim to use more pigment (the most expensive component of the product) than other manufactures, making the paint unique. It is said that the paint has a depth and luminescence quality that makes it stand apart. I haven’t seen the paint in person yet, but I recently ordered their hand painted color card.

The colors are muted and earthy. Lovely. But, I am most impressed with the color names: Dead Salmon, Mouse’s Back, Ointment Pink…how fun!

Farrow & Ball website.

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Vote on House Color

Help us decide what color to paint our bungalow

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The house color debate continues…
Hopefully, whatever color combination we choose will look a little better than in my renderings but this should give you some idea of what we are considering.

Which color do you prefer? Vote by clicking on the text below: Sorry, voting has ended.

(vote only once)

Image 1: 365 votes  

Image 2: 195 votes  

We have a winner! It seems that green is the overwhelming color preference. Maybe, just maybe, we will go with the green color after all? Now, if only I can convince David…

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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The Green House

Inspiring Arts & Crafts and bungalow exterior paint color combinations

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Green house located in the West Adams section of Los Angeles.
Green house located in the West Adams section of Los Angeles.

When I was a little girl, for a short time I lived in a 1920′s house that was painted olive green. The house was called the Bilz Farm but to me it was always “The Green House.” When David and I started looking for a house three years ago we weren’t even sure what type of house we wanted, but I knew I wanted to paint our future home green.

Olive green body color, cream trim, brown and ox blood red accent colors
Olive green body color, cream trim, brown and ox blood red accent colors

Above is one of my favorite green exterior paint jobs in West Adams.

We removed some beadboard panels in the sleeping porch of our house and discovered original clapboard siding that was stained green! It seemed like fate. I spent my free time looking at paint samples, pouring over books, magazines and historical publications agonizing over just the right shade of green to paint our house.

Two toned green exterior with cream trim and peach colored accents. West Adams.
Two toned green exterior with cream trim and peach colored accents. West Adams.

After driving David crazy for months, “Are you sure you like this shade? What about this one?” I finally selected what I considered to be the perfect shade of green. I painted the siding around the bottom of the porch in what became known as Favorite Green. One of our neighbors stopped by to let me know it was the ugliest shade of army green she had ever seen. Two weeks later, another neighbor 3 houses down painted their house almost the same shade as Favorite Green.

Olive body, dark olive brown trim, and burnt red accent color. West Adams.
Olive body, dark olive brown trim, and burnt red accent color. West Adams.

We began to notice all the green houses in our area. A surprising number of restored houses in our area end up painted some shade of green. We are considering replacing all the cedar shingles along the top story and staining them a chestnut color and painting the clapboard siding on the first story creamy tan. We would do this so that our house would be different, but I’m having a hard time letting go of green. In my heart I still desire The Green House.

Green exterior. West Adams area of Los Angeles, CA.
Green exterior. West Adams area of Los Angeles, CA

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Den Almost Done

My favorite part of a restoration is seeing the room come together

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Well, the den is 95% finished. There is some touch up work here and there and we need to hang the light fixtures once they arrive.

My favorite part of a restoration is seeing the room come together, especially after it used to look so bad!


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Den & Dogs

Walls painted Great Barrington Green from the Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Collection

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Yesterday we got a male corgi puppy. We are calling him Simon. At first Lulu, our 4.5 years old slightly spoiled female corgi, seemed to accept Simon. They even briefly played together.

Lulu and Simon

Once she realized that he was staying she changed her mind. She is showing her teeth at Simon any time he comes near what she considers her territory – which is almost everything. Of course, the cats are less than thrilled and we are getting the cold shoulder.

What does that have to do with our den? Not a whole lot except that all the above is highly distracting. The woodwork in the den has been bleached, stained and varnished. Paint is on the walls. I picked the color on my first try this time! Real progress. The color is Great Barrington Green from the Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Collection.

The walls above the picture rail and the ceiling still need to be painted.

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We Have a Wall Color!

Bungalow living room painted Wilmington Tan from Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection

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Wilmington Tan from Benjamin Moore’s historic collection on the walls. The fireplace is now stripped.

When we were selecting the wall color for the dining room last spring, we went through 6 different colors starting with burnt red and ending with a golden yellow. This time we were able to choose a wall color in two tries. We are certainly improving. Actually, there is not much of a “we”, David usually goes along with whatever color I select. Then he loves the color even when it’s blatantly wrong.

Opps! Looks like we missed a spot or two.

My first choice was a soft gold color by Sherwin Williams that looked too green next to our dining room walls. We ended up going with Wilmington Tan from Benjamin Moore’s historical collection. It is a shade darker than the Shelburne Buff from the same collection that we used on the dining room walls. The ceiling is painted Compatible Cream from Sherwin Williams.

The new vent cover from Rejuvenation is installed.

We are almost done with the living room. There is some touch up work that needs to be done with paint and stain. Our brick fireplace got a little faded from the paint stripper so we are looking into staining it. There is some hardware to install in the room and we need to hang the antique light fixture once it arrives. I’ll post more photos once we get all the final pieces installed in the room.

A backward glance, our living room before restoration and the worst days during the restoration.

Now we are starting work on the den!

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