Customized Commercial Refrigerator

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Customized Commercial Refrigerator
Custom designed refrigerator from Klondike Case

If I had $4000 burning a hole in my pocket I know what I’d be tempted to spend it on!

These are beautifully handcrafted oak, maple, cherry or hickory wood refrigerator cases from Klondike Case. The craftsmanship is amazing and would look right at home in an old fashioned kitchen.

Comments { 0 } August 11, 2004

Unpainted Historical Kitchens

Some kitchens were natural wood

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Not all 1900-1920’s kitchens were painted. Although less common, some kitchen cupboards were natural wood.

Very simple kitchen layout.

Built-in cupboards.

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Comments { 1 } March 22, 2004

Historical Kitchens

Ever wonder what your bungalow kitchen used to look like?

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If you live in an old home, and are like me, you are probably curious what your kitchen looked like almost 100 years ago. I have been researching historical publications, magazines, books and online sources for ideas to help us when we restore our kitchen. These images span the early 1900′s to the late 1920′s, but primarily focus on the earlier years.

On thing that I found very interesting is that refrigerators or ice boxes are often shown integrated into a wall or cabinetry. This “trend” is considered modern in kitchen design today. Ha!


Comments { 19 } March 21, 2004

Kitchen Before

Our 1912 bungalow kitchen prior to restoration

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I have begun planning, or trying to plan, the best way to restore our kitchen. It’s a little tricky for several reasons. We have 3 doors leading into the kitchen on 3 different walls, 2 large built-in cupboards, and really no easy or inexpensive way to expand the space due to bathrooms, a stairway, plumbing and heat runs to the second story behind every wall.


On the south facing sink wall, a tile backsplash, counter and under the counter cupboards were added some time in our home’s past. They block part of the original built-in cupboards on the east and west walls.


I want to rip out the tile and MDF cupboards and plan on restoring the original built-in cupboards and having new doors made for them. The current doors are cheap MDF replacements of the originals.



Comments { 19 } February 18, 2004