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Get ideas from these vintage inspired kitchens

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I am posting pictures of some of my favorite kitchens. These kitchens are full of great ideas and so inspiring! Any of them would be appropriate for an older home.

The contrast between all that white marble and the black stove is beautiful.

My mother loves this kitchen! I like the open shelving and the little drawers going all the way to the ceiling.

Another example of open shelving. I like how this kitchen utilizes the space in front of the window, which is usually unused, as well as above the window and door. This is a smart storage solution for a small kitchen.


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Danish Kitchen Furniture

Hansen Living's unfitted kitchens

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During our 6 year journey trying to figure out what in the world to do with our kitchen, we stumbled across Hansen Living’s freestanding kitchen cabinets and storage solutions. It was something we both (gasp) liked. The cabinets were designed by Danish architect Knud Knapper after studying the way professional chefs use a kitchen.


The clean lines, solid wood construction, craftsmanship and attention to detail are right at home with Arts & Crafts philosophy. My taste in kitchens leans a little more modern than what is typically found in a bungalow. These cabinets are a good compromise.


I met with Susan Serra, kitchen designer and the US rep for Hansen Living, last summer in New York City. We hit it off immediately. She offered suggestions and I loved all of them.


The cabinets are even more beautiful in person and so finely crafted that they resemble a piece of furniture. I left the meeting with Susan Serra super excited and ready to start planning our new kitchen in the fall.


Then the economy turned and we decided to wait. David was laid off from his job. Our kitchen fund is now our pay the mortgage and buy groceries fund.


Comments { 15 } February 27, 2009

White Kitchens

Beautiful, clean and white

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I have spent an enjoyable morning drooling over the work of New York City architectural firm Peter Pennoyer Architects. I love his kitchens and found so many inspiring ideas.


I have always dreamed of a rolling library ladder in my kitchen. Although, considering our kitchen’s small size, that might not be practical.



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Kitchens, Kitchens, Kitchens

More kitchen photos from my decorating files

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I have pulled these photos from multiple sources over the past 6 years while dreaming of remodeling our bungalow kitchen. If these photos have a theme, I would say it is the natural wood tones of the cabinets.


A small kitchen in a Gothic church that has been converted into a home. Look at those windows!


Above is the kitchen of a famous restauranteur (his name escapes me). I adore the black and white tile floor and the cast iron, peg leg sink.


Different view of the restauranteur’s kitchen. The wood farmhouse table is used as a workspace as well as a seating area. A plate rack covers the walls on each side of the cast iron sink.


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Bungalow Kitchen Cupboards

1911 Kitchen

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I photographed the kitchen cupboards of a 1911 bungalow a few years back and saved them for the day when we remodel our kitchen.


What I like is the vast expanse of storage. It was difficult to photograph because the cupboards filled the whole wall.


This cupboard was built into the corner.


Bottom cupboards. The middle cupboard had a hinged bottom and was a flour bin.

See more bungalow kitchens!

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I’ll Take a Kitchen Like Martha’s

Martha Stewart’s amazing kitchens

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Martha, Martha, Martha. I LOVE this kitchen! The grayish taupe walls, the expanses of white marble and the beautiful cabinetry…I am drooling. Ms. Stewart recently posted new pictures of this kitchen on her blog.


Look at this display case. Glass on 3 sides gives it an open, airy feeling. I also like all the little touches of metal throughout the room; from the clock, to the warming drawers and the little metal knobs on the cupboards.


One benefit of owning several homes is being able to design completely different kitchens.



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Unfitted Kitchens, the Next European Invasion

Fall in love with English kitchens

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I love the look and beautiful simplicity of these unfitted kitchens designed by British companies deVOL Kitchens and Plain English.


I have been drooling over these kitchens for the past 6 years, just waiting for the day when we remodel our kitchen.


Unfitted kitchens feature freestanding cabinetry. The cabinets are constructed of hardwoods and high quality materials. The quality of the construction often resembles a piece of furniture.


I love to imagine cooking in a kitchen like this. Well, in my fantasies, I love to imagine watching my husband, David, cooking in a kitchen like this while I sip a glass of wine and flip through the latest issue of “Food & Wine” magazine.


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Kitchen Ads (1920s)

I love those old cast iron farmhouse sinks

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Calling All Kitchen Designers!

Desperately seeking a kitchen plan

Before and After, Kitchens

The problem is that this is our current kitchen…and this is what we want.


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Kitchen Archaeology

Kitchens, Restoration Diary

My Mom sent me “Shop Drawings for Craftsman Interiors, Cabinets, Moldings, & Built-ins For Every Room In The Home” for an early birthday present. A section titled “Kitchen Nook” caught my eye. I have often wondered why our house didn’t have a kitchen nook or as I have more commonly heard it referred to, a breakfast nook?


Many bungalows in our neighborhood have breakfast nooks and I’ve always been a little jealous that we don’t have one.

If space allows, every house should have a nook-a delightful little space off the kitchen for breakfast or lunch, a place for kids to do homework while dinner is being prepared, the ideal spot for coffee and conversation.

The accompanying illustration originally printed in Gustav Stickley’s The Craftsman magazine really got my attention. The placement of the nook was in the exact spot where one our of our built-in cupboards resides. The illustration shows a very humble opening in a wall with simple molding around the opening, nothing eleborate – almost like box with a window added onto the side of a kitchen.


Why is this in any way significant? On the other side of the wall is a small half-bath that is exactly the same width as the cupboard. We know this room is original to the house but couldn’t figure out it’s original purpose? It never made sense to me why there was a small room off the back of the house that could only be accessed from the outside, off of an open back porch.

It makes more sense that this room (currently our downstairs half-bath) wasn’t open to the outside but was really a nook off the kitchen. There is room enough for 2 built-in benches with a table between them. The existing window would have been perfectly centered on the wall over table.



Comments { 13 } December 13, 2004