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bungalow_01Los Angeles bungalow

I recently ran across several original images of bungalows that I had saved. Enjoy!

bungalow_02Postcard of a California bungalow

bungalow_03Photograph of a California bungalow featured in the Wilson plan book that was published in 1908.

The Wilson plan book states: “This six-room bungalow has cobblestone chimney and porch balustrade, cement porch steps, shingled roof and gables and re-sawed siding walls. A disappearing bed receptacle is thus provided, which can be utilized from either the bedroom or the den, as owner may prefer. The house can be built for $2000, including the bed.”

I am intrigued by the disappearing bed. I wish our house had one.


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Was-alow? It was a Bungalow…

Now it is something else


Business in front, bungalow in the back.

Our neighborhood has many buildings that began their lives as bungalows but have been converted, sometimes almost unrecognizably, into buildings now used for commerce. This is what happens when a predominantly residential area is rezoned for a commercial corridor.

Local Dentist

Bungalows have been converted into little shops, markets, dental offices and even churches.


Realty Office

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