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And, boy does this room need a lot of work!

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It is horrible! What else is there to say? This upstairs room functioned as my office for many years. Because it is located off of our bathroom we decided to switch the rooms, making our old bedroom into our new home office.

The truth is I have been holding out on you guys. This room is almost finished! I’ve been a little distracted lately and I’m behind on posting.

The dog matches the wall color in the above photo. Really, we didn’t plan it that way. Although, I do have a confession. Here is a picture of me starting my very first home improvement project. Notice the paint color? I take full responsibility for the orange walls.


Comments { 2 } September 20, 2011

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I find this room striking with the bold color combination, the detail on the gate at the end of the room, and the built-in storage area underneath repetitive bold prints.


it is interesting to see the colors pink and blue so well integrated with each other.


This room could almost be an adult room except for the child sized furniture.

Comments { 3 } January 24, 2006