Bungalow Bedroom

And, boy does this room need a lot of work!

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It is horrible! What else is there to say? This upstairs room functioned as my office for many years. Because it is located off of our bathroom we decided to switch the rooms, making our old bedroom into our new home office.

The truth is I have been holding out on you guys. This room is almost finished! I’ve been a little distracted lately and I’m behind on posting.

The dog matches the wall color in the above photo. Really, we didn’t plan it that way. Although, I do have a confession. Here is a picture of me starting my very first home improvement project. Notice the paint color? I take full responsibility for the orange walls.


Comments { 2 } September 20, 2011

FLOR: Fun Modular Floor Covering

Installing modular carpet tiles

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We needed an odd sized rug to fit underneath our desk, something durable that could stand up to lots of wear. FLOR carpet tiles fit all of our criteria, plus they come in multiple shades, textures and fun patterns.

FLOR samples

I ordered samples to see which worked best in our office.

It’s a plaid, plaid world

We chose a grey plaid called Pop Tartan.

Jack, project supervisor

Our cat Jack overseeing the carpet installation.

Attaching FLOR dot

The tiles are held together by adhesive stickers called Flor dots. It is as easy as peeling the backing off the Flor dot and attaching it to the back of the tile.

The tile is lined up and dropped into place. Easy!


It took us 15-20 minutes to install the carpet. Now all we have to do is finish moving into the office.

Comments { 4 } March 31, 2011

Home Office Renovation

Walls painted, light hung, floors refinished

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It feels so nice to get this room almost finished! We have a few touch ups here and there…but we are so close. I don’t even want to remember where this all started.

The floor has been refinished. Now we’re just waiting for it to dry before we start moving into the office.

We already owned this George Nelson Bubble Lamp. I purchased it soon after we married to hang in the dining room of our apartment. It’s been sitting in a box in the garage for years. It is nice to be able to repurpose something from our pre-bungalow lives.

Comments { 7 } March 24, 2011

It’s No Longer a Secret

We have a paint color

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I have decided on the dark gray paint color; Benjamin Moore’s Secret AF-710. I loved the color as soon as I saw the paint sample on the wall. Our contractor really didn’t care for it and it wasn’t David’s first choice, but I’m going with it! And hey, we can always repaint.

The ceiling color is the same hand-mixed soft gray used in our bathroom remodel. We are using the same bright white trim color throughout the upstairs to keep things consistent.


Comments { 3 } March 22, 2011

Choosing a Paint Color

So many choices...

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No matter how long I have been doing this, selecting a paint color never gets any easier. Sigh…I like to see the paint color on the walls to see how it looks in the light of the room and at different times throughout the day.

There is something about the lighting in our house where color goes completely wonky. Grey colors turn green, green colors turn grey, blue colors turn purple…Thank God for sample pots!

No matter how a color looks in the store or in photos, it looks nothing like that in my house. And I’m the kind of person who spends hours at the paint store, taking the samples out side to see them in natural daylight.

I’ve finally narrowed it down to two choices. David and our contractor like one color and I prefer the other. Now I am starting to doubt myself! Which color should we pick?

Comments { 6 } March 18, 2011

Built-in Window Seat

and Storage

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The dormer is too small to provide any real, usable space in the room. I decided to utilize the space by having our contractor build a window seat underneath the window.

The window seat has a hinged lid to provide much needed storage space. In our little bungalow every inch counts. The proportions of the window seat were based off of the gentleman caller’s bench in the living room.

Comments { 3 } March 17, 2011

Home Office Project Update

Enlarging the closet opening

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We are making the opening of the closet larger. The closet is long and very narrow. Enlarging the closet opening will make the closet more functional by providing easier access. We are also going to get really modern and install lighting in the closet. Ha!

Comments { 0 } March 10, 2011

Home Office Project

The wallpaper is removed, now on to plastering

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All the wallpaper is removed from the walls. The tip of using windshield washer fluid worked quite well.


Comments { 1 } March 1, 2011

One Step Closer

Removing wallpaper from plaster walls

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Let the restoration begin! Stripping layers of wallpaper from the plaster is more difficult since the wallpaper has been painted several times. The Dummies series has a very helpful article on removing wallpaper.

Here is another approach for removing wallpaper from Yahoo! Answers:

“Go to any store where they sell wallpaper supplies, etc. Home Depot will do, too. Buy the tool to score the wallpaper. It looks like a mini pizza cutter but with spikes on it. Run this up and down and all around the wall. Then take windshield washer fluid, the blue kind (which is unbelievable cheaper than wallpaper removal liquid sold commercially). Put it in a spray bottle and spray the wall in sections. Once a section has been sprayed, slowly peel off the wallpaper.”

I intend to give windshield washer fluid a try!


Comments { 12 } February 16, 2011

Valentine’s Day Present

And you guys thought I wasn’t romantic

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David’s Valentine’s Day present. Toto toilet with a walnut seat.

David is really the only person who uses the downstairs half bath. I decided it was time for him to get an upgrade!

Comments { 4 } February 14, 2011