• May 11, 2013

Bungalow Nursery

Filled with love

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What better time to show you the baby’s nursery than Mother’s Day weekend? Since our families both live so far away it is important to us to incorporate items and memories of them into the baby’s room.

The nursery used to be our home office. It also served as a make-shift kitchen during our kitchen remodel. The baby came early and our kitchen remodel ran late leaving no time to paint the room. My heart had been set on the softest, peachiest pink color.

Instead, I left the wall color and added lots of pink and white with little accents of black to make the room seem more feminine. Resources: bed, rug, and ceiling pendant.

David and my Dad threw the room together in one evening while I directed where everything should be placed from my hospital bed. I hung the curtains and artwork after Juliet and I came home.

The painting of the bear was painted by my mother for me before I was born. The other artwork can be found here, here and here.

My Mom also painted the dog to hang in my nursery. Other artwork here, here, and here. Resting on top of the cabinet next to the lamp is a framed photograph of the house my grandmother grew up in.

My grandma and grandpa bought the little red chair for me when I was a toddler. It sat in their living room until long after I had graduated from college and moved to California. David’s sister made him the panda bear one year for Christmas.

Oeuf Sparrow changing table, mobile, artwork, and diaper disposal system (which we LOVE).

I am a fan of incorporating adult furniture into children’s rooms. The Chinese panels hung in the house David grew up in. When his parents moved to Hong Kong a few years ago the panels were the one thing David wanted. It makes me happy that they now hang in our daughter’s room.

Other items: Rocking chair, side table came from Target but is no longer available, and the Pottery Barn Teen lamp (the one we bought) is a knock off of this lamp.

The enormous stuffed bear was a gift from my father welcoming Juliet into our family. Her name is embroidered on the bear’s foot.

I will be celebrating my first Mother’s Day tomorrow! A very happy Mother’s Day to all the special ladies out there.

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  1. ErinK

    Very cute. Where is the gold lamp from with the striped shade?

  2. Pamela

    Very cute room, Heather and David. As Juliet grows, you can make small changes to accommodate her needs and interests (with my children, I kept having to add bookshelves). Happy Mother’s Day and best wishes for many more – it is truly a magical time as you watch your precious child grow and develop. Blessings to all.

  3. Teri

    Wow, the house has really come a long way since the last time I found your site. Congratulations on the new addition to the family. How exciting. I just love her room.

  4. Mike's Electric

    So inspirational! Wonderful final result.

  5. Mike's Electric

    I forgot to mention that I love the combination of gray and pink. Never thought this could be such a fresh combination for children’s room.

  6. Katie

    Beautiful! Do you know the name of the gray wall paint?

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