• February 1, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

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Note: This post was added after the fact.

A slew of texts messages and images fly back forth from my hospital bed, where I am strapped to a fetal heart monitor 24 hours a day, and from David who is overseeing the installation of our kitchen cabinets. I get asked lots of questions…where is the cabinet hardware, how thick should the base molding on the cabinets be?

David: Your idea for the pullout pantries won’t work.

I send David a drawing of how it WILL work.

David: The guys say your idea won’t work. Oh, wait. Yes, it will. You are getting exactly what you want.

Me: Ya know it! :) {yes, I do text annoying emoticons}

Back and forth, this goes on for hours.

We have made peace with the electrician. After the fact, I will admit there was a slight chance I could have been a tad hormonal. He paid for the labor to have the wallpaper installed. We had the paper installed before I ended up in the hospital. Everyone is happy.

The electrician is super cool and doesn’t press us for a final payment until I’ve been out of the hospital for a few weeks. It wasn’t that we were delaying on purpose, just tired from lack of sleep and still trying to get the hang of this parenting thing.

I hope that things are cool with Juan. We had a disagreement over what he would be paid since a lot of the work was jobbed out to other vendors. Juan comes back and finishes a few major carpentry issues and sends over his tile person.

He still needs to come back to finish up a few things but we haven’t pressed him. Hopefully he’ll come back! Please, come back…we miss you.

This leads me to the real hero of our kitchen remodel, Jeff at The Limey Woodshop! Jeff came in and saved our project. He got the cabinets built and installed within 3 weeks…and they are absolutely beautiful. The cabinets are traditional in style with inset door frames and soft close drawers.

Once I was in the hospital Jeff kind-of took over. He arranged the countertop installation and found painters to spray the cabinetry. I really cannot recommend them enough.

Note: The Limey Woodshop company name may be changing. Jeff is from England and his family doesn’t really see the humor in the name “Limey”. Being an American, I thought the name was memorable and didn’t realize it can be considered derogatory. You do what you have to do to keep the peace within your family. The name may change but it is still the same owner and wonderful work.

Of course, the project supervisor was on hand to make sure the kitchen cabinet install went smoothly!

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  1. J-C

    For some odd reason, there seems to be quite a few of your older posts that I never saw until now. I’m still subscribed to your feed, so I’m not sure what happened there.

  2. Londen@sixtyfifthavenue

    Hi, Love your blog and your home. We are house shopping for an old home, scary but fun. Anyway, I have to tell you that those lights from Ikea are awesome!! When I first saw pictures of your beautiful kitchen I thought they were expensive. I’m so inspired.

    PS Congratulations on your new baby!

  3. Michelle

    Good evening, Heather!

    I have been following your blog for years! I have always enjoyed seeing your renovation projects and your family.

    We own a 1910 bungalow in Upland, CA. Your kitchen renovation is exactly what we had in mind for our kitchen. Would you be willing to share a rough cost of the cabinets with me? We are getting close to doing our kitchen and I would hate to cry when I get my first quote! Thanks so much for your time!

    Happy summer!
    My best,

    • Heather

      Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply. Our cabinets cost 8k. Hope this helps! Good luck with your project.

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