• January 15, 2013

Progress to Report

There is none!

Restoration Diary

I feel like I can breathe. All the boxes filled with cupboard pullouts, pantries and blind corners that have filled the dining room for the past 3 months have been picked up and taken to the cabinetmaker’s shop. We can actually walk through the dining room now. It really is the little things. Being able to see the dining room floor made me so incredibly happy.

It is really tough to be “nesting” while surround by construction and clutter.

Stork building a nest.

The kitchen project has been rough from day one. It has been one thing after another…and nothing seems to be getting done. Meanwhile, we are 5 weeks away from having our baby. Hopefully the baby doesn’t decide to come early because we are not ready.

We decided to move our cable modem line which resulted in the cable company, for some still unexplained reason, gutting our phone box and ripping out the phone line. We had no land line for 3 weeks. It ended up with a big, confusing NOT IT between the cable company, the phone company and our home alarm company.

AT&T repaired the line but the phone still didn’t work. AT&T said it must be a short in the wiring for the home alarm system. ADT said everything worked fine until Time Warner gutted the phone box. Time Warner says they have nothing to do with AT&T’s phone line. It is enough to make a very pregnant lady extremely upset.

Our original cabinet maker flaked on us. We heard lots of excuses…he was in the hospital, his son was in the hospital, he was sick, his son had soccer, his family was visiting, and his truck broke down several times all within a six week period. At first we tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but after a little while it became ridiculous. Six weeks later and he hadn’t fully completed even one cabinet. He was supposed to be building the cabinets on site, which must have been part of the problem since he was rarely on site.

Last week we hired a new cabinet company. They are located very close to us. They promised to have the cabinets in within 4 weeks, maybe 3 weeks if they get a break in their schedule. I am in a deep, deep state of denial right now because I still have hope we will miraculously get the kitchen done before the baby arrives. I understand that the cabinets go in, then the countertop and then the backsplash tile. I know all of that takes time and time is not on our side. Just leave me a little hope…it could happen…maybe.

Because I’m not entirely crazy we are actively looking into a Plan B. I am still washing dishes in the bathtub. I told David there is no way I will be washing baby bottles in the tub! Plus, I cannot imagine bringing a baby home to a construction site with all the dust and the noise. So, we are also looking into renting a furnished apartment for a month.

Some of you asked how things have worked out with the electrician. He has offered to pay for one roll of wallpaper and $600 worth of labor to install it. The problem is Farrow & Ball will not sell one roll of wallpaper. They have a three roll minimum. I have tried contacting wallpaper distributors in England, where the wallpaper is made, after having no luck buying one roll in the US or on eBay. So far, I haven’t had any luck in the UK either.

One thing I have learned from this mess…this advice is golden…if you are buying expensive hand painted wallpaper, buy an extra roll. That way if your wallpaper is ever damaged you will have a roll from the same run and dye lot to replace it with. I don’t know what we are going to do? I still hope I’ll be able to purchase a single roll from somewhere…there’s that denial again!

So, no great reveals, Before & After photos, or progress photos. Just one extremely frazzled, emotional homeowner and her extremely patient saint of a husband hoping that someday this will all seem very funny.

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  1. Harbormom

    I have a dear, sweet friend (daughter by choice) in England (Surrey, about a 20 minute train ride from London), who would, I am certain, be delighted to try to find a roll of your paper. If you want, just e-mail me the particulars on the paper and your contact info, and I will get it to Sally and put her in touch with you.

    • Heather

      Thank-you so much. I will be extremely grateful if your friend is able to locate a single roll! So far I have had no luck getting around Farrow & Ball’s 3 roll minimum order both here and in the UK. I am looking for a single roll of Farrow & Ball’s, Lotus design wallpaper in BP2008. Best, h

  2. casacaudill

    We experienced the same thing when we left AT&T to switch over to a local internet provider. And then somehow Comcast got involved, and everyone was blaming everyone else and we were without internet for a week. I wanted to strangle every employee I met.

    • Heather

      That is SO sweet! Thank you. I actually tried to order from them a few weeks ago. It is crazy because they will allow you to order 1 roll but then they cancel your order and send a note saying it is a 3 roll minimum! So frustrating. Thanks again.

  3. Art

    If you get far enough along pre-baby that you can reasonably stay in the house, remember that you can always hook up the dishwasher and start using it before the rest of the work is done–it felt really strange to do that when it was sitting in the middle of our kitchen and the counter wasn’t on yet, but from the machine’s perspective, it’s perfectly fine to do! Also, although scheduling can always get in the way, know that our counter install took half a day and our backsplash (which we did ourselves) took three days, and would have only taken one if a professional had done it…so if they do get you the cabinets in 3-4 weeks and the little one is courteous about arrival times, it really just might happen! (We finished four days before our son was born…) Good luck!

  4. Jen

    Have you tried contacting Farrow & Ball’s social media people (Twitter, Facebook) to share your story? It seems ludicrous that they can’t/won’t make an exception given your circumstances. There has got to be a way they can make it happen.

  5. Rob

    Hi Heather, we hear you! Thanks for choosing our papers for your home and we’d like to help you out here… If you could email [email protected] when you have a moment that’d be fab. (Thanks to Jen in the comments above for reaching out to us on Twitter!)

    Rob, F&B

    • Heather

      Wow! Thanks Jen for contacting Farrow & Ball on my behalf. Rob or anyone at Farrow & Ball…I really hope this can be resolved and that there is someway I can purchase a single roll of Lotus wallpaper, BP2008. I will be so GRATEFUL!!!

    • Jen


      I’m so happy you saw my tweet and that you are going to try to help! Thank you! All of these things would be so stressful for anyone who loves their house, but it’s so much harder when you’re pregnant. I hope Farrow and Ball can play a part in making Heather’s life just a little bit easier at this difficult time.

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