• January 22, 2013

In a State…

Of denial? Of panic?

Restoration Diary

Does this kitchen look like it will be done in 3 weeks to you? Me neither.

Juan, our contractor, who has done tons of work on our house and who we love, is really letting us down. He has been working on our kitchen what I can only call part-time since the last week of November. I found out he is also on another job. Normally I would probably be cool with that, but we are on a major time crunch. Our baby is due in 3.5 weeks!

After letting us know that he won’t be working on our project at all this week, I have decided that Juan and I need to have a come to Jesus moment. Juan doesn’t seem to have the resources or ability to juggle both jobs. I think he probably just shows up at whoever is the most upset with him at the moment’s project.

He has never done work for us when he has been on another job before…and it is not working out well. I am beyond frustrated.

I would love to know if the other couple Juan is doing work for happen to read my blog? If so, I’d sure love to talk with them. I wonder what story they are getting?

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  1. Debby

    I feel your pain. The same thing happened to us with a plaster contractor, a carpenter, and electrician. It is infuriating, but when you’re expecting a baby! Ahhhh!

  2. Donna

    OMG! This is awful. I may be time for you to pull in another contractor and kiss Juan goodbye. That is insanity. Please keep us posted.

  3. Kelly Zamonski

    I just started my kitchen remodel too.
    Sorry, not using your Juan. But our kitchens look to be in the same
    State of demolition! Our windows are almost
    Identical. Good luck with everything!

  4. Michelle

    Hi there,

    We used Juan for a window replacement 3 years ago when we bought our home. He did a wonderful job on the window, but demanded an additional $400 beyond the agreed-upon price of $800 to finish the job. He doesn’t do contracts, since English is a second language and we knew this was a risk going in, but still I thought holding our project hostage to milk out more money was egregious and unethical. We eventually had to let him go.

    Hope your kitchen remodel has a happy ending (we added a bathroom while I was 35 weeks pregnant with my first, so I feel your pain)! And congratulations on your little one!!

  5. Whitney

    Congratulations on beautiful, Juliet! I hope so much to see pictures of a finished kitchen soon!

  6. Rather Not Say

    Juan did some work for us a few years back. I confronted him about going way over budget and then asked him about all the supplies he bought that disappeared from my job and it was a horrible situation. I caught him buying double the paint stripper and other supplies that he then took somewhere else and tried to charge me for.

    At the end of the job he took all of the left over stripper, paint, and supplies with him even though we had other rooms that needed to be done that we could have saved to use the supplies on.(Supplies I paid for.)

    The sad thing for us it that he does great work and we regretted losing his workers… the assistants that really did the majority of the work because he was really only here about 1/4 of the time.

    This job also went way over budget and then on top of that he tried to charge me an extra $500 in supplies at the end after I had already told him that I would not be paying any more. I told him he could bring back all the extra supplies which he never did.

    This whole situation resulted in several drunken phone calls from him. (There was always Alcohol on his breathe I’m afraid.)

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