• December 13, 2012

What I Hate Most About Home Restoration

Can you guess?

Restoration Diary

I HATE all the dust that comes along with any restoration project. No matter how much plastic or how many zip doors you use, the dust just gets everywhere. It coats every surface…and drives me absolutely crazy!

What do you dislike most about home restoration?

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  1. Lianna

    Love your living room color!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Sharon

    No kidding! I’m tired of it too! I’ve spent a couple hours already trying to vacuum up the recent construction dust.

  3. Julie D. Martin

    The thing I hate most about living through a home restoration is the fact that things just don’t look presentable…and won’t be presentable until they’re done. And when I’m not feeling super good about how my house looks, I tend to not invite people over. I’ve been missing out on entertaining at home. Can’t wait until we can have a party!!

  4. Emily

    Hate all the dust but I LOVE that trim.

  5. Erin K

    I love your chevron pot thingies on the mantle with that wall color.

  6. Ashley

    The dust! Absolutely the dust. And the general disarray, I suppose.

  7. Aubrey

    Murphy standing behind us every step of the way creating havoc.

  8. Leah

    I also hate the noise. With four little kids, it always seems someone is napping or working in school work whenever there’s a repair to be done…

  9. Nina

    The feeling that it will never end.

    • Heather

      Oh, that’s a good one. I hate that, too!

  10. Jen

    I just caught up with your recent posts, and I feel bad that you are going through all this while pregnant! I remember with my first pregnancy even minute little things made me so upset and stressed.

    I’m currently pregnant with #2, and we moved into a 1918 home in September. It was flipped, and we thought that some of the updates were legit, but we’re discovering that (surprise surprise) the contractor cut a lot of corners. Most recently we had to rewire the wall oven after it tripped a breaker that wouldn’t reset. We discovered at least three different points between the oven and the breaker box where fire could very well have started. Whoever installed it completely ignored the instructions. I don’t trust ANYTHING in our house now. We still have knob and tube in most places, and I’m hoping we can get that taken care of soon. In NY you don’t need to be licensed to do wiring, so my Dad has been doing a lot of it for us. He does very good work. At some point we will have to hire someone, though, and I hope we don’t have to deal with the kinds of problems you have had.

    Hang in there!

  11. dana carini

    moving the toilet three times! DUST DUST DUST….and home depot or big box store products- save everyhing you have from that old house, stack and store those goodies,.even if small animals live in your stacks. you cant get quality anymore!!! Besides we have re-used most eveything but the asphalt shingles( they make great fire starters in a pinch)

  12. jamie

    yep, gotta agree about the dust (and grit, when breaking into/repairing plaster). and having to do all the prep work to protect everything (paper on floors, plastic sheeting over belongings), despite which, it is still a long, slow process of ridding the house of dust. and that when you do many subsequent projects, you start to wonder why you bother owning nice textiles, instead of waiting a decade until there are no more major projects to be completed! it can feel rather sisyphean.

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