• December 6, 2012


Little slice of life

Restoration Diary,

We covered the hole in the floor with good old duct tape to prevent getting splinters until we can replace the floor board.

I am sitting upstairs in my bedroom, trying to catch a moment of quiet from all the work happening below. I can hear the electricians working in the room below me. Suddenly a drill bit comes up through the bedroom floor. The electricians have just drilled a hole through our original Douglas fir wood floors.

This kind of sums up my day so far…

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  1. Harbormom

    I have been reading your posts for ages and ages, and love following your progress with the house. But all I can say now is…I hope these contractors and their subs are bonded and insured!!! You are a brick for putting up with all of this; pregnant; and 3 WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS??? Good, good luck!

  2. Erin C

    Oh no!

    Deep breaths. Deep breaths. This is just a moment that you’ll show your future child later in life and say “so this one day when you were still in my tummy…” and you’ll have a family mark on the house to laugh and love about later.

  3. Leslie

    Whoa! That’s too bad. I guess the bright side is that it didn’t get your foot or something.

  4. Elissa

    ugh. is it in a conspicuous spot? My bungalow has a mysterious hole in the floor of my office and my parent’s bungalow had a bullet hole in the floor when they moved in! Sometimes you can plug it with a piece of dowel with similar grain and it won’t be too noticeable.

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