• December 18, 2012

Grey Kitchens

My new love?

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I love a white kitchen, really love a white kitchen, just as much as the next girl who fell in love at first site with the dream kitchen in the movie Something’s Gotta Give. You had me at the kitchen, seriously!


But, lately I feel like I am cheating on my true love. I’m falling hard for grey. And like anything else, the more you are aware of something, the more you start noticing it. Ever notice how once you buy a new car that you start seeing “your” car everywhere?

Taupey greys…

Kitchen designed by Windsor Smith. Cabinet color: Benjamin Moore’s Galveston Gray.

Dark, inky charcoal greys…


Smokey greys…


Grey cabinets with brass hardware…a winning combination.


So, am I swayed by grey? My fickle heart says YES, historical accuracy be damned!

Thanks to Sharon for pointing out Robert Schweitzer’s article on 1900-1925 Kitchen Colors. I do see a grey kitchen! I also see that he has a link to 1912 Bungalow…nice.

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  1. Sharon

    There’s a gray kitchen (I think) in Robert Schweitzer’s “Kitchen Colors” article, here: http://www.historichousecolors.com/documents/CB-0808-BungalowBasics-20-24-KitchenColors.pdf.

  2. Leslie

    I love a battleship gray cabinet (glossy!), an Air Force blue wall and whiter than white subway tile. Love. It.

  3. Art

    If it helps with the enabling, we did a mix of gray (BM Sea Haze) and white cabinets for our 1915 California bungalow kitchen and we get compliments all the time on how perfect it looks for the era! (We also did a mix of frameless and inset cabinetry to save money and space, and that worked out pretty well too.) Have fun!

    • Heather

      Thanks for the color suggestion. We’ll definitely try it.

  4. Erin K

    I love grey. All shades. I too wonder when I buy a house how I will space out the love for grey so I don’t have a house of all grey but I love it in the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room and kitchen. I love all these pictures, but that taupey grey is super nice. I love that darker grey above it and the cabinet style. I am such a sucker for tall glass doors to the ceiling like that.

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