• November 29, 2012

It’s Crazy

Kitchen Remodel, day 3

Restoration Diary

Three electricians, two plumbers, and an alarm installer walk into a kitchen…it’s not the beginning of a joke, it’s our reality this morning! Then there’s the HVAC happening this afternoon. Kitchen remodel in full effect.


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  1. Becca

    Congratulations! We just did ours last fall and it was a trip. So exciting to come home to great progress every day. Best of luck – I can’t wait to see the results!

  2. lianna

    Since I enjoyed a lingering Sunday reading all your posts last year, we have moved into our 100 yr craftsman and finished the kitchen remodel from July-Oct.
    So excited to see what you do!

  3. Chelle F

    Yeah! Be sure to keep us posted on the progress and share photos! Looking forward to seeing the improvements….it can only get better from here, right?!

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