• March 30, 2012

My Inspiration Kitchen


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Photo: Lincoln Barbour. Professional photographer Lincoln Barbour has many amazing homes featured on his site. Please be sure to take a look!

A blog commenter recently left the following message, “I look so forward to your kitchen reno. Now 8 years later, has your vision for your kitchen changed?

Great question! The answer is YES, about a hundred times. But, I have kind-of ended up back where I started. After seeing the kitchen in Lincoln Barbour’s photo (above), I had this feeling of that’s it. This kitchen is everything I love; simplicity and that homey, comfortable vibe that just feels “right”. I appreciate the contemporary light fixture and chairs mixed in with the vintage kitchen. This kitchen is definitely my inspiration kitchen.

Here are some other ideas that I love…

Photo: Pinterest

The vintage sink sitting on the marble countertop is so beautifully done. I love it!

Photo: Pinterest

If I was in the market for a new stove I would get something fun like this blue stove.

Photo: Pinterest

Look at that wall of built-in floor to ceiling storage. I don’t have quite that much room in my small bungalow kitchen, but I dream of storage.

Photo: Neptune

My heart still beats quickly for freestanding English kitchens. I recently discovered the beautiful kitchens handcrafted by Neptune. I really want an island with work space and seating.

Photo: Neptune

Did I happen to mention that I really want an island? The English do kitchen islands so well…

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  1. JJBanker

    WoW! The first one! Sure looks great! And those cabinets – they are almost like mine (my cabinets are original but painted white)! And that vintage sink! It’s just like mine! (not original but of early years of the house). But all this in my kitchen doesn’t look that good :( Yet… I hope… I’m looking forward to finish’ (ha-ha) dinning room and bathroom (we recently tore it all apart) so that I could bring that old glory to MY kitchen!
    Thanks for sharing these great ideas! SOOOO inspiring!

  2. Erin

    That old sink on the marble top cabinet idea is to die for. If I ever have to remodel a kitchen I might try to make that happen. Also those extremely high ceilings with those gorgeous cabinets are incredible. My old apartment in Philly had 15 foot high ceilings like that with exposed brick and fire place from 1850. Too bad the kitchen was burnt orange appliances and dark 70′s wood cabinets. Thank god the stove broke while I lived there and the dishwasher so the orange appliance got replaced and I got permission to paint the cabinets white, at my own expense but it was worth it. Oh and replaced the linoleum floor. It was that brick linoleum.

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