• December 9, 2011

Restyling the Dining Room

Lighter and brighter


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  1. Elissa

    I’m excited to see how it turns out! I love the mix of modern furnishings in a traditional space. I understand the Pinterest addiction, they should have support groups.

  2. Sarah @ { rad: renovations are dirty }

    I love your aesthetic! I would kill for a marble-top Saarinen tulip table… Your dining room is going to look sensational. :)

  3. Adrian H

    I think the design aesthetic that ‘less is more’ is a good direction to take that has seen me through 4 house projects including an immense Methodist church we turned into a home. An ornate frame can hold any picture it is your choice and taste that makes it a home.

  4. Katie Kobelinski


    I just stumbled across your blog while doing some research for our 1912 foursquare bathrrom redo. Thanks so much for all your helpful photos. They are awsome! I am wondering, it looks like your window in your shower has wood trim. Is that correct? If so, what did you do to protect it. We also have the beautiful original wood trim, but can’t figure how to protect the wood, besides an ugly plastic shower curtain. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. You can e-mail me @ [email protected]



  5. Sarah @ housecrazy

    Your 1912 Bungalow is beautiful! As for the stinky rug… try putting out bowls of baking soda around the room for a few days to absorb the smell.

  6. Tamara

    I’m remembering the circa 1910 foursquare I grew up in and how mad I was when I entered my “purist” years recalling how my parents had painted the woodwork in that house. And then a few decades later I was living in my own A&C house full of A&C oak furniture, the darker the better, and I started to feel the weight of it all and craved lighter brighter. I’m sure there’s a way to do it leaving the woodwork intact. Love the wallpaper swatch, and I also love the mix of modern furniture with old house. You have such great taste I know you’ll do a great job, and I look forward to seeing the result!

  7. Karen Anne

    I’m not sure that that existing light fixture is actually “correct” for that room. It looks more Victorian than Arts& Crafts to me.

    • Heather

      You are right! That was a temporary fixture we purchased from Restoration Hardware when we first moved in. This is the light I found on eBay for the dining room: http://1912bungalow.com/2010/07/confessions-of-an-old-house-fanatic

      I have since replaced the eBay light with the modern and historically incorrect Pelle bubble chandelier pictured above. I love it…just wish I had spent a little more for the larger size. :)

  8. whitney

    I’m so happy I found this blog! I just bought a 1890s Victorian with tons of natural woodwork and am trying to reconcile my love for bright, modern interiors and my love for this house! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  9. Polly

    Where did you get the red rug in the dining room? I’m looking for something just like it!

    • Heather

      Hi! The rug came from Crate & Barrel, but they haven’t carried it in a while.

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