• November 22, 2011

Wallpaper in the Bathroom

Add pattern and color to a white bathroom

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  1. Erin

    No do it! I am a huge fan of wallpaper in old homes. There are so many amazing wallpaper companies now. I saw this laundry room on design sponge that was like emerald green with black white and gold (yes gold) pagoda/asian style, with white wainscotting and a little chandelier and love it! I think small spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, office, are great places to get super playful with wallpaper especially when it’s broken up on some sort of molding or tile. Do it!

  2. Ann

    I’m told, and sure hope I’m right, that if the wall is prepared correctly it’s easy to remove. I had mine done professionally so I can only assume it was.

  3. Katherine

    We have a “powder room” that’s about the size of a postage stamp and I’ve been thinking about doing this same thing. I wallpapered our stair risers and I’ve got a lot left over but I don’t know if that would be in poor taste to use the same wallpaper in two places?

  4. Dan

    Just got done, this morning, removing wallpaper from our own 1908 bungalow. It had been installed in 2005. I’ll offer a couple thoughts. Make sure your bathroom has adequate ventilation AND your walls are prepped well. The paper on the walls we inherited had to be removed because it was beginning to shrink at the seams and come off the wall. (too many steamy showers, I suppose). Some papers may be better to use than others. Not sure. Best of luck and post what you learn!

    • Heather

      Truth be told, I chickened out and decided against wallpaper in our powder room. Although, I think wallpaper in a powder room would not have the same type of shrinking issues as you described because there is no shower.

      We painted the powder room the same light soft blue-gray color as our upstairs bathroom. It looked so pretty that I left it.

      • dan

        I think you’re right. No shower, no problems. If anyone does do wallpaper in a bathroom, I think you need to make sure it’s vinyl coated to keep it from absorbing moisture.

        Glad you’re happy with it. I’m leaning towards a painstaking but potentially rewarding stencil route. hmmm.

        • Susan

          Dan, did you do the stencil work? I’d bet the stencil would look beautiful. Way easier to cope with than wallpaper.

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