• October 28, 2011

What Goes Up Better Not Come Down

How much stress can 1.5 inches really cause?

Nothing Important, ,

See that armoire sitting on the front lawn? It needs to go into that open second story window. It has been determined that the armoire is 1.5 inches too tall to clear the narrow second floor landing. 1.5 inches!

Not to be deterred, these guys have a plan. Um, what exactly is the plan?

Are you sure about this? Because I’m not really convinced this is a good idea.

Oh my god! My heart skips a few beats as I imagine my antique armoire crashing to the ground and splintering into pieces. Between heart palpitations, I keep taking pictures to capture the end result…good or bad.

Ok, I can breathe again. It is going in!

After this the guys and I cracked open three cold ones…and I don’t even like beer.

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  1. Linda

    OMG! My heart was skipping a beat right along with yours! Congratulations on getting inside in one piece AND having a beer!

  2. sivyaleah

    I have a 1915 year old home. This reminds me of when we tried to get in my corner base cabinet into the kitchen. It barely made it through my arched doorway leading into the room – nor did it seem it would get through the one which leads from the dining room.. There was talk of taking the sliding door off at one point. I was panic stricken.

    Somehow, they managed to finally twist and turn it around without damaging it (to my knowledge).

    So glad to see your guys figured out a creative way to bring it in without any major upset. Other than the temporary emotional one it caused of course!

  3. Sarah @ { rad: renovations are dirty }

    haha.. your post reminded me of when my little brother moved in with us. His pillow-top mattress made it up the stairs since it could bend. The boxspring would absolutely not fit. We had to hoist it up through a second floor doorway. My brother stood on the roof of his boss’ truck and my husband and I pulled the ropes. This was late at night during a blinding snowstorm with a temperature of -30 C. Good times!

    I’m so glad that your armoire made it inside, safe and sound…. and in one piece. :) It looks lovely, btw, and it makes for a good story. :)

  4. Brad

    Well done. My wife and I had a couch delivered to our first apartment, a 1913 craftsman in SD. We were on the second floor and had the same problem. The delivery guys were about to give up and take it back when we noticed how big one window was… It worked! Maybe furniture was just smaller 100 years ago?

    Anyway – love the blog and what you’ve done! Keep up the good work.

  5. Toni

    So…….when you move out someday…..will it move out, too? My decision is to let my children deal with it when I’m dead. Oh, and since I moved in the door has been changed to a window. The tape measure says it’s tall enough for a box spring to go through….

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