• October 24, 2011

We’re In

And sleeping on a mattress on the floor

Bedrooms, Restoration Diary

We moved into the bedroom. It is so nice to be out of the home office. Our bed is on back order so we are sleeping on the floor. Even though we splurged on a new queen sized mattress, we still don’t have enough room for the two corgis who keep trying to sneak into our bed during the middle of the night.

The little closet we had built into dead space behind the wall looks like it has always been here. The door, hardware and trim are a perfect match with the original features of our house.

The light fixture is an eBay find. It came from a 1915 bank in Ohio.

The curtains are hung, but still not ironed. David decided that privacy is a little more important than beauty and that we’ll have to iron them later.

Closet door and the bedroom door.

The room still needs to be decorated, but it is so nice to finally sleep in a bedroom that is clean and renovated. Our clothes are hanging in the closet instead of piled inside oversized plastic storage bins.

Big sigh…either of exhaustion or relief!

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  1. Leslie @ NE Portland Bungalow

    Looks great! Especially the new closet. Must feel good to have your room back!

    Love the comforter (or is it a cover?)! Can I ask where it’s from?

    • Heather

      Thanks! The comforter is Thomas O’Brien “Vintage Modern” for Target. I purchased it a few years ago so it is no longer available at the store, but I have seen it on eBay priced reasonably.

  2. Kari


    I found your blog over the weekend and ended up reading the whole thing! (Can we say OCD, boys and girls?) You have done an amazing job on your home and I really admire your dedication. The changes from the beginning are simply jaw-dropping.


  3. Silvia @ 1930s Bungalow

    It looks great! The closet does look like it’s been there forever. Love the color on the walls against the crisp white trim.

  4. Julie

    I’ve purchased a 1912 Crafstman in SF bay area and am very happy to have stumbled upon your website. I’m looking froward to the day I can sleep in my remodeled bedroom. I love your bedroom light fixture. Would you mind sharing where you purchased it?

    • Heather

      I purchased a pair of these light fixtures from eBay. It supposedly came out of an Ohio bank built that was built in 1915. If we don’t use the other fixture somewhere in the house we intend to sell it. If you (or anyone else out there) are interested in purchasing the other fixture let me know and I’ll get back in touch with you if we decide to sell.

      Best of luck with your 1912 Craftsman!

      • Julie

        Yes, I’m interested. I’m stripping wallpaper and sanding floors so there’s no great rush. Let me know.

  5. JC Pitre

    Wow, looks great. I love that you stayed within the style and period of the house. Nothing beats a well executed classic style. Betcha can’t wait to have your furniture and photos up.

  6. Veronica

    Looks great! Do you know where you got the door trim/moldings for the top of the new closet door?

    • Heather

      Thanks! Our carpenter made it based on the existing trim in the house.

  7. Narida

    I’ve followed your home improvements over the years and they are very inspiring. I have a 1924 bungalow in LA that I’ve been improving as well. Do you mind sharing your carpenter contact? I’ve had a hard time finding someone who can blend new trim & moldings with the old.

    • Heather

      Our carpenter is Juan Reyes of J & C Home Repair. He also does plastering, wood reconditioning and refinishing, as well as painting. His phone number is 626.793.7091. We have been very happy with the work Juan has done in our house.

  8. Eric

    The room looks wonderful. Nice job on the new closet and the elfa system.

    Hopefully this question reads as a positive “wow compliment” … are you basically done with every room except for the kitchen?

    • Heather

      Thanks! We are done with every room except for the kitchen (major, major project) and an upstairs sleeping porch. The sleeping porch was a 1918 addition to the house. It has structural issues and will probably need to be rebuilt…$$$. The chimney also has significant structural damage from earthquakes and 1912 building practices not being what they are today. It will need to be completely taken down and rebuilt…$$$. Starting to see a theme here? We have a lot of expensive projects ahead of us. Oh my…but, yes, we are almost there…almost done!

      Oh, and we still have exterior landscaping. But we are really so close. Now if we could only win the lottery. :)

  9. Heather P

    Hello fellow Bungalow-restoring-Heather!

    My husband and I just purchased a 1914 Bungalow in St. Louis. We are smitten and also completely overwhelmed! Discovering your blog tonight (after spending hours over at the new house with a can of denatured alcohol in one hand and steel wool in the other) has provided so much inspiration and comfort (and at least the feeling that there have been others who have gone before us!). I intend to read your entire blog as other “OCD-ers” have admitted doing. Thanks so much for sharing your journey! Question #1: (I’m sure I’ll come up with tons more as I continue to peruse…) What color did you go with for your bedroom walls? It’s beautiful!

    ~Heather P.

    • Heather

      Congratulations on your house! Thanks for your kind comments.

      The paint color is from Dunn Edwards and called Chocolate Milk (DE6059). Outside of California, you can find the exact same color at California Paints. The name may be different but the number DE6059 will be an exact match.

      Best of luck with your restoration!

  10. Susan

    Heather, did you guys replace the windows in the house? The original single pane windows just are poor for insulation. I live in Memphis, Tennessee in a similar aged bungalow and the windows are original.

    I’ve just found your blog today and hadn’t gotten to anything specific on windows… yet. :)

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