• October 12, 2011

Paint Color

Decisions, decisions

Bedrooms, Paint, Restoration Diary

Paint color creates the mood and makes a huge impact in any room. I am looking for something that feels peaceful and soothing for our bedroom, which led me to search for a soft, faded grayish-pinky-tuape color.

After deciding to go in this direction, I found the above photo of a room designed by renowned decorator Windsor Smith. This was enough to convince me that I am going in the right direction. Hey, if it is good enough for Windsor…

I have decided to go with the paint color on the far left, a very pretty color from Dunn Edwards called Chocolate Milk (DE6059) with a soft blue-gray color on the ceiling.

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  1. Maria

    That certainly will fit better with the colors you have chosen for the rest of the house. I am so thrilled that you are making progress again. Love all you have done so far. However, I am still not sure exactly how you solved the closet dilemma. What exactly did you do? We are building closets and cabinetry around the windows, creating window seats in the process, in our bungalow.

  2. JBanker

    Love the colors you are choosing from! Clean and calming. I would want something like that for our bedroom too, but it’s gonna be quite a while from now…

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