• October 14, 2011

Mauve by Any Other Name

Why is choosing a paint color so difficult?

Bedrooms, Paint, Restoration Diary

My friend asked if I would consider this color mauve. Once she asked that I started liking the color a little bit less and having flashbacks to 1986. Maybe I am in denial, but I think this is a softer, more elegant color. If anything, it is mauve’s third cousin twice removed.

I am still deciding if I like the color, Dunn Edwards Chocolate Milk (DE6059). We decided to lightly sand and refinish the Douglas fir floors.

I found silk curtains for sale on overstock.com that match perfectly. Although, they do need to be ironed.

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  1. Tryinginpittsburgh

    It’s not mauve! This is much softer, and it doesn’t scream “nail polish,” which I’m pretty sure is mauve’s other name. Looks great!

  2. Janet

    Totally not mauve! I like it – very soothing and calm. Spa-like.

  3. Sherrill

    On this cool evening in Oregon I fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate and sat down to check your progress. I think your chocolate milk room with crisp white trim is beautiful.

  4. Heidi

    I like it. Subtle and calming. More like Ashes of Roses?

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