• October 19, 2011

Finding Functionality in a Miniscule Closet

With elfa closet system

Restoration Diary, Storage,

Photos taken from both ends of our very small closet.

To say that this closet is a challenge is an understatement. It is very long and very narrow with a sloping roof. We decided to go with an elfa closet solution from The Container Store.

See all the pull out drawers? Those babies are all mine.

All the drawers, shoe racks and shelves pull out which really does help compensate for the small space. David was able to fit all of his clothes into his side of the closet. It isn’t possible to fit all my clothes into half of this closet, even after drastically cutting down my wardrobe.

We have an antique English armoire, my very first piece of grown-up furniture, that has been sitting in our garage since we moved into the house. It is too tall to fit up our stairs. Maybe it can be taken apart to get it upstairs and into the bedroom? I definitely need hanging storage space!

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  1. Heather S

    I have an almost identical closet in my 1914 (?) in Iowa… And now I have an inspiration!

  2. Rebecca

    I, too, have an almost identical closet in my c.1920 arts & crafts house in NJ. It has been luggage storage up until now because we didn’t know what else to do. THANK YOU for the inspiration!

  3. Sarah

    I also have an almost identical closet in my 1973 townhouse in TX. Now I know what to do with it! Thanks.

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