• March 27, 2011

More Vintage Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

Ideas to create a period perfect bathroom

Bathrooms, Inspiration

Forerunner of the modern shower.


Hajoca Plumbing Goods showers


Hajoca Plumbing Goods shower accessories


Hajoca Plumbing Goods bath tubs


Kohler “Viceroy” bath tub


Standard nickel plated towel bars

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Comments { 5 }
  1. Josh

    Cool images! I love that ribcage shower and saw an original one once on a house tour here in Minneapolis.

  2. Sharon

    Where did you find the images from the Hajoca Plumbing Goods catalog? Are they available online somewhere? I can’t find them…. We still look for inspiration for our bathroom remodel. Thanks!!

    • Heather

      The images were scanned in from an old sales catalog. They are online here. :)

  3. rose

    Thanks so much for sharing these images! They sure don’t make things like they used too!

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