• March 24, 2011

Home Office Renovation

Walls painted, light hung, floors refinished

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It feels so nice to get this room almost finished! We have a few touch ups here and there…but we are so close. I don’t even want to remember where this all started.

The floor has been refinished. Now we’re just waiting for it to dry before we start moving into the office.

We already owned this George Nelson Bubble Lamp. I purchased it soon after we married to hang in the dining room of our apartment. It’s been sitting in a box in the garage for years. It is nice to be able to repurpose something from our pre-bungalow lives.

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  1. Jen

    I was all for the other color, but now that I see it on the walls, it is gorgeous! I’m glad you went with your instinct. That light fixture is to die for!

  2. Eric

    The room came together great. The fixture is a nice touch. Was the vertical molding on the entrance to the windowbox area original or an addition? Could you do a close-up picture of it? I haven’t seen that before.

    • Heather


      Thanks! Yes, the corner caps are original to the house. We have them in both bedrooms and in the hallway. It’s an ingenious way to protect plaster corners from chipping. I’ll post a close-up/detailed pic of it soon.

  3. brick bungalow

    The room looks great.

    I was curious prep work did you do to the walls after you you stripped them (skim coat of plaster or something else?). What primer do you typically use walls and trim?

    I’m in the process of stripping layers of paint off our bathroom walls, and, unfortunately, the plaster is pretty nicked up with small patches of paint that I couldn’t get off all over. Wondering what you have used throughout the house and how it’s held up?

    • Heather

      Great question. Throughout the house the walls have been skim coated with plaster. Several layers were necessary because our walls were so damaged – lightly sanding the walls between layers. Then the walls were primed with Kilz primer (water based) in premium. This has held up very well. We did have a few minor cracks appear in our dining room that we recently repaired, but that is the only room we have had a problem with…and living in LA we have our fair share of minor earthquakes.

  4. Tom Tarrant

    Great colors and good job preserving the period feel. That high gloss on the floors goes great with the grey and white combo.

  5. Home Lighting

    The color of the wall is really nice. And the floor…gorgeous! The bubble lamp also made the room elegant :) Thanks for sharing this post.

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