• February 17, 2011

Theft is a Most Insincere Form of Flattery

Speaking of bad karma...

Nothing Important,

Look familiar?

Update: The other site took down my article and photos this morning. Thank you to everyone who contacted them on our behalf!

Taking photos and content from my website without my consent or prior approval and posting them on your sham of a site, created for the sole purpose of generating Google ad dollars, is not appreciated. It is called stealing, but I’m sure you are already aware of that. You probably don’t care that it takes me a good amount of time to photograph and write the content on this blog.

My original article         Stolen article {they have taken it down}

Did you ever think that those ad dollars that you are earning off of my work would be better spent lining my pockets? Have you seen my house???? The next time you are on this site to pilfer content please click on an ad or two, we could really use the money. We promise to put it towards remodeling our kitchen.

Yes, we are using part of a wooden crate to cover up a big hole in our ceiling. Yes, I did use duct tape to tape over a huge hole in the wall.

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  1. David

    Google really needs to shut these adsense spam sites down. Not only did they copy the photos, but they have stolen parts of blog posts off this site for their articles. I don’t doubt that the rest of the content is stolen from other blogs.

  2. Di

    Wanted to let you know I emailed the offending parting and voiced my extreme displeasure at them taking your photos. I’m a graphic designer and I fully appreciate the value of creative intellectual property. We need to stand up to those who violate copyright laws.

    • Heather

      DI, thanks for taking the time to do that! I really appreciate it.

  3. Elissa

    that sucks. have you told them to take the content down? how did you find out about it anyway? i know number of bloggers who have had this problem and I’m wondering if someone is stealing from my blog. btw, the work you did on that porch looks fantastic. i have asbestos siding that needs to be removed. is there anyway to DIY it?

    • Heather

      Elissa, WordPress has a site stats tracker that shows who is linking to our site. I don’t check it all that often…obviously! :)

      Asbestos is safe as long as it doesn’t become airborne. If you thoroughly wet the tiles prior to removing them and then seal the removed tiles in something air tight like plastic that has been carefully taped shut you can DIY. The problem is what do you do with the asbestos then? Many areas will not allow you to throw it in the trash or drop it off at a dump. Definitely do your research on removing asbestos before beginning the project and research disposal and any fees associated with that. It may end up being cheaper to hire an abatement company than to pay the fee for disposing of hazardous materials. That was our case, but then again, we live in LA.

  4. Heather

    Hi! Yes, we have asked that they remove the photos along with the article I wrote from their site. I doubt they respond or care. Their whole website is a link bait site to generate money off of people clicking on ads. This site is taking it to the next level though with a Facebook page and twitter feed. Pretty bold. We think we have found out who is behind the site. His other site is all about SEO (search engine optimization)…I guess it is important to have his stolen content prominently placed to drive people to his site and generate that ad revenue.

    We have also reported the site to Google and to a few other bloggers whose content was stolen. We don’t have the time to go through his site (which we assume is ALL stolen content) and notify everyone. I’m not expecting much of a response from Google. Sadly, there are TONS of these type of sites out there.

  5. amy_sue

    I hate those websites. When ever you are googling now, it seems like all you can find are those content-less or (worse) stolen content ad sites. I wish there was some way to block them.

  6. Leslie

    I’ve been looking at how avoid having content stolen, and came across this: http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2006/04/10/what-do-you-do-when-someone-steals-your-content/

    I’m sure you’ve received advice and done some research. Just wanted to pass this along.

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