• February 16, 2011

One Step Closer

Removing wallpaper from plaster walls

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Let the restoration begin! Stripping layers of wallpaper from the plaster is more difficult since the wallpaper has been painted several times. The Dummies series has a very helpful article on removing wallpaper.

Here is another approach for removing wallpaper from Yahoo! Answers:

“Go to any store where they sell wallpaper supplies, etc. Home Depot will do, too. Buy the tool to score the wallpaper. It looks like a mini pizza cutter but with spikes on it. Run this up and down and all around the wall. Then take windshield washer fluid, the blue kind (which is unbelievable cheaper than wallpaper removal liquid sold commercially). Put it in a spray bottle and spray the wall in sections. Once a section has been sprayed, slowly peel off the wallpaper.”

I intend to give windshield washer fluid a try!

Look at all those cracks on the ceiling!

Our temporary sleeping quarters. Very cozy!

The walk-in closet.

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  1. Jason

    Good luck on the wallpaper – it looks like you’re doing a great job! I’ve removed my fair share and have found that a garden sprayer filled with hot water and a little TSP works great at loosening up the wallpaper.

    • Heather

      Thanks for the tip of TSP!

  2. Leslie @ NE Portland Bungalow

    Love the “walk-in closet!” Let us know what you think of the windshield washer fluid! I haven’t tried that.

    There are so many layers in our house, and the paint is so thick, most of it comes off like counter top laminate, except for the very first layer or so. That first layer is a little slower to come down. We used steam, vinegar and fabric soften. Ultimately, we went with steam and elbow grease.

  3. Andrew

    *shudder* This brings back memories!

    We had about 15 layers of painted over wallpaper on our walls and 4 on the ceiling. Hot water and WP Chomp in a garden sprayer combined with lots of elbow grease got it done – eventually. Scoring the paper with a utility knife works well if you find the pizza cutter isn’t doing the job.

    Best of luck!

  4. Nancy

    You and your husband are amazing and so dedicated. I found your site on accident and really appreciate all your tips. We have yet to fix things around our 1911 house but you motivate me. Your bathroom is beautiful and I’m sure this room will be too. Did you use Juan Reyes as your contractor for that project?
    Good Luck!

    • Heather

      Hi Nancy! Thanks! Yes, we used Juan Reyes for the bathroom.

  5. Nancy

    You and David are such an adorable couple and have done such a great job on your house. We’ve been looking for a handyman/contractor but never know who to trust. You seem like a smart couple that like quality but are also smart with your money. I think Juan lives near us in Pasadena! Thanks again for all the info you share with the world.

  6. Irene Keeley

    I bet you’ll be seeing photos and articles about your impressive “walk-in closet” start to pop up all over the stolen content websites. :) I hope you plan to keep that closet in your final layout.
    It’s nice to see you guys are at it again with another room in your house. So much fun! My 1923 bungalow in Denver is jealous. :)

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