• October 1, 2010

One More Thing to Love About the Bathroom

As if we need more!

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The bathtub is just the right size to give two corgis a bath and the sides are high enough that they can’t jump out.

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  1. Elissa

    That is just too cute!

  2. Tamara

    I’m imagining that the white cat is in the background somewhere lying on it’s side on that fabulous marble floor with it’s paws up on the wall tile, as in a prior photo. The cat apparently knows a great bathroom when it sees one. The super cute corgis need some convincing, they look a bit concerned. :) That tub is amazing, and the hardware is perfect.

  3. Laurie W

    We installed a claw foot tub in our bathroom remodel as well. Are you using it for a shower as well? Make sure you have some heavy duty magnets for the curtain. Unless you’ve come up with a more ingenious way to stop the curtain from wrapping around you!

  4. leslie

    Wow! That’s one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while! I do love corgis!!!

  5. AnnaMarie

    I just found your blog through a link to your kitchen. When I clicked on the header to get to the front page I laughed out loud. You see… I have two corgi girls, one blonde and one a tri and we are also going to be remodeling our home and putting in a similar tub (with a plinth).

    I will definitely be crawling around looking at what you have done as I’m now absolutely sure it will be amazing. After all… you have Corgis!

    Our home is a Farmhouse Gothic in Vermont built in 1872 and a wee bit more modern than we would like so I’m hoping to make it more vintage in style. Thanks for the great blog!


  6. Cio

    Love the pics! Love the blog!
    Thanks for sharing…
    My hubby and I have built a couple of bungalows ourselves and enjoy the process :)
    Come by our new bungalow website http://www.my favoritebungalows.com …still in the works but we have about 1000 photos of craftsman bungalows and cottages…
    My site is thepolkadotmoms.blogspot.com …see ya!

  7. Jim

    Wow! The guys seems to be having fun=)

  8. Bijou

    Adorable corgis and absolutely beautiful bathtub!

    I stumbled upon your blog and have had such a fun time reading through your home restoration stories!

  9. jennifer

    Where did you find that tub? It is smaller than most clawfoots. That’s what we need.

  10. diane

    What a great blog -thanks for posting! And what a transformation!

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