• August 11, 2010


We have a tub!

Bathrooms, Restoration Diary

For those who haven’t been following along, we haven’t been able to bathe at home since our tub was removed. There is no other tub or shower in the house. The tub was held up in Customs and several other delays.

Our bathtub has finally arrived and is in place. Now, if we could just get ahold of the plumber. I am one stinky, cranky woman and I WILL hunt him down. Only kidding…sort-of.

The tile around the tub has been grouted. A lot of people cautioned us against going with white grout because it is supposedly difficult to keep clean. But, I love the look, so clean and…white.

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  1. Jennifer

    We have white grout in our bathroom and it hasn’t been a problem. The only place where it really gets dirty is in the bathtub area, naturally. If it is sealed properly it holds up pretty well against stains. There are lots of great products containing bleach that will get white grout looking new in no time. I am not a great housekeeper, but white hasn’t been a problem for us at all. It’s so exciting to see some real progress in your bathroom finally!

  2. Heather

    Thanks Jennifer! It is good to hear some positive real life experience with white grout. We heard so many negative things about it. Personally, I love the look so much that the idea of difficult to clean almost doesn’t matter. :)

  3. Valerie

    The whole thing is freaking gorgeous.

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