• August 23, 2010

Hello Future Homeowner, It’s Us!

Sending a Message to the Future

Bathrooms, Restoration Diary

We replaced the glass in the bathroom medicine cabinet. I hid a photo of us behind the glass to be found someday.

I wrote a brief note on the back of the photo. I probably should have written something more poetic, instead I scrawled out the first thing that came to mind. Our names, the date and “We remodeled the bathroom. I hope we did a good job. We tried our best. We purchased the house Sept. 2002. The 4th owners. Will anyone even find this someday? Love and best wishes to the future!”

And I do wonder if anyone will ever find it? A part of me must be an optimist.

The medicine cabinet door finally installed. It won’t be long until I fill it up with all my lotions and beauty potions.

Detail of the butterfly hinge.

It’s all about the details, isn’t it?

The bathroom remodel is so close to being finished…almost…there. The shower attachment still needs to be installed and a few other odds and ends. The big reveal is coming soon.

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  1. Jennifer

    When I was a teenager and my parents were remodeling our house, I wrote a note saying that I loved my then crush and hid it inside a wall. I’m sure nobody will ever see it, but it felt really daring at the time! lol

  2. Tamara

    Oh my god your bathroom looks AWESOME!! I love love love a pristine white bathroom, especially one with a window. It’s so appropriate to the age/architecture of your home, and if you want to inject some color you can do so with towels, flowers, and products. It’s a nice big bathroom, too. I don’t see the closet doors but I’m sure they look just as great as that fabulous medicine cabinet. Wow. You must be so pleased with how it looks. Love the picture idea too, as stupid as it might sound that brought tears to my eyes, your home is being lovingly restored and is very personal, a photo and message is a great gift to the next owners.

  3. Joe

    That is a great idea. I did something similar (http://1900farmhouse.blogspot.com/2006/11/to-new-owners-in-2156.html) but I didn’t include a handwritten note. I think I’ll do that with my kitchen, or somehow print out my blog….

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