• July 21, 2010

When Animals and House Projects Don’t Mix

Bad Kitty!

Restoration Diary,

Look who decided to walk across the still wet cement floor, leaving tiny paw prints in his wake. The Project Supervisor, otherwise known as Jack and more recently other names that I won’t post here, decided that he needed to look out the bathroom window now, right now.

The bathroom door is being stripped in the backyard, so I put up a barricade to keep Jack out. It is going to take more than my feeble attempts to stop him. Now that he is successfully inside the bathroom he refuses to budge. I am reduced to opening cans of cat food outside the bathroom door, but he is having none of that.

He is lying underneath the window on the still wet cement, safely out of reach, and I swear he is laughing at me.

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  1. Kate H.

    I knew it! I knew it! I’ve got to shellac and topcoat a hall floor and two sets of stairs and I knew my dog or one of my three cats would track through it! This post of yours proves that’s what will happen. There’s no help for it, I’m doomed!

    But I’m gonna put up the barracades and try to keep them out anyway . . .

    (Handsome cat, is your Jack. He hasn’t got himself stuck, has he?)

    • Heather

      Ha! I could only get so lucky to have him contained and stuck to one area. He is still fully mobile. :)

  2. elizabeth

    Character. He’s adding character! I can’t even open a can of anything of my cat thinks he’s getting the good stuff and won’t leave me alone. :o )

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