• July 9, 2010

The Dreaded Day Has Arrived

House Without a Tub (Or Shower)

Bathrooms, Restoration Diary

Our house has never had a shower and now we don’t have a tub. Oh, the dreaded phase of our project! I have not been looking forward to it. This is one way to get me to the gym…if not to work out, at least to shower.

The old tub is solid cast iron so we expected it to be heavy, just not 500 lbs heavy! Actually, we have no way of knowing how much the tub really weighs. But, it took 4 big, strong guys to move the tub. They claimed it felt like 500-600 lbs. :)

The closet doors are now installed.

All the woodwork has been primed {sorry!}. We received some encouragement to go the next step, leave the wood natural and stain it. I hate to disappoint anyone, but we learned our lesson about staining woodwork that was originally painted when we restored the hallway.

It took 4-5 guys to carry the tub down a very narrow stairway. It was slow going with lots of stops and false starts. I looked on and just hoped that the steps were strong enough to hold. They were. The tub made it down without incident.

The cat, who we call the project supervisor because he likes to oversee all the work, wanted no part of moving the tub and for once was nowhere to be found. Smart cat.

The tub, old sink and toilet were given to a friend of a friend who used them in their own bathroom remodel project.

And I thought our kitchen couldn’t get any worse! The ceiling had to be opened to update the bathroom plumbing. We are adding additional support and reinforcing the ceiling beams underneath the tub. Although, our new tub will weigh less than half of what the old tub weighed, better to be safe then sorry.

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  1. Michelle

    Good luck! We were without a shower for a week when we first moved in. Maybe it is almost warm enough to hose off outside?

  2. sandra

    Was it intentional that you didn’t restore the kitchen until after you restored the bath above it? If not, serendipity. :) I can’t believe you got that tub down the stairway without damaging the walls! Regarding stain vs. paint, although I love stained trim I think paint is much more suitable for a bathroom. I’ve owned 2 old homes in the past and both had stained trim everywhere but the bathrooms, and it was clear that the bathroom paint was original. So glad to see you blogging again, btw, and making progress too after your break.

  3. M. Krueber

    I hope you keep your sink! Have you thought about having it reglazed? It’s a beauty!

    • Heather

      I found that sink on the side of the road waiting to be picked up on trash day about 9 yrs ago. I’m glad we rescued it, but now I’m ready to let it go on to it’s next home. We ended up giving the sink, tub and toilet (which was nothing special) to a friend of a friend’s bathroom remodel project. I’m really happy the tub and sink are being put to use.

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