• July 5, 2010

Contemporary Kitchens, Vintage Charm

Get ideas from these vintage inspired kitchens

Inspiration, Kitchens

I am posting pictures of some of my favorite kitchens. These kitchens are full of great ideas and so inspiring! Any of them would be appropriate for an older home.

The contrast between all that white marble and the black stove is beautiful.

My mother loves this kitchen! I like the open shelving and the little drawers going all the way to the ceiling.

Another example of open shelving. I like how this kitchen utilizes the space in front of the window, which is usually unused, as well as above the window and door. This is a smart storage solution for a small kitchen.

Another beautiful cream, white, and marble kitchen with black accents.

Wide plank floors, vintage light fixture, modern stove, dark black cabinets and wood countertops. Very warm, very inviting.

Another of my Mom’s favorites. Double sink, how luxurious.

I love these cupboards!

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  1. Peggy Deras, CKD, CID

    A lovely selection of vintage-look kitchens.
    One thing bothers me though:
    As a kitchen designer, I have replaced an awful lot of wood countertops over the years because they were mildewy and scorched.
    Unless you want to plan on replacing yours too, I suggest honed granite instead.
    Here’s an example:


  2. The Grammar Fairy

    No, no, not islands! Please! To my way of thinking, it kind of puts a boot through all the effort to achieve true vintage style. Our grandmothers had a kitchen table in the middle of the room, where they worked and ate as needed. You can only sit at an island if you make a special overhanging countertop, and buy special counter-height stools. The kitchen table could travel to another room for entertaining or, say, a sewing project. Islands can’t move. The kitchen table can be whatever size you want, but changing the size of an island is a construction project. Just my personal hobbyhorse…

    : ) TGF

  3. Kass

    I love your website. I just bought a 1911 California bungalow in Tehachapi, CA that I will be used as my office. I am trying to keep it original in style. Thanks for the looks at how other bungalows are decorated!

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