• July 3, 2010

Confessions of an Old House Fanatic

I’m Addicted to Antique Lighting

Restoration Diary,

I have been buying antique light fixtures for years. I adore eBay and find so many irresistible deals on vintage and antique lights. I buy what I love and store it away to use someday, in some as of yet unrestored room of our house. I have so many boxes of lights packed away that I don’t even remember what I have any more. And I am running out of rooms!

I went through all the boxes the other day and it was like Christmas morning. I was overjoyed to find this little light. It goes perfectly in our dining room. I smile every time I see it.

As a rule I try not to spend more than $250. I buy what speaks to me and don’t worry about it’s value or collectibility.

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  1. 1916home

    It is stunning! I would say Im never this lucky on ebay or the like, but I picked up a new European made clawfoot bathtub worth $3000 on craigslist for $700. Thats my claim to fame until I find something as stunning as your light fixture!

  2. Michelle

    We found (what we think) are three original light fixtures from our 1914 house in the attic. They are really, really rusty, but I want to look into having them restored. Do you know of a good light restorer in the Pasadena area?

  3. Heather

    Michelle, how cool! I don’t know of anyone in Pasadena offhand. I called Liz’s Antique Hardware and they referred me to someone. They have a list of people who restore lights. Maybe give them a call and see if they could recommend someone?

    Liz’s Antique Hardware: 323.939.4403

  4. sandra

    I too buy light fixtures on eBay, and I also buy just what I love, not what I think might be terribly valuable. My husband and I live in a condo right now but will be buying an old house in the near future and plan to mount some of my hoard there :) , and fix up the rest to sell … or hang on to if we move, it’s hard to part with any of them because they’re so cool, even the modest ones!

    It always pains me to see what people do to old light fixtures, painting them using inappropriate materials and colors. My husband and I want to restore the fixtures, not remodel them! We want them to look as close to original as possible.

  5. Manuel

    Ray Ferreras antique lighting on Labrea is the best. I’ve had old pasadena lighting work on some of my antique fixtures before althou they are cheaper than ray’s I was not as happy with their work. Ray has been restoring light for 40+ years and he knows what he’s doing. He did 3 of my original 1911 chandeliers he cleaned all of the oxidation and pitting, he gave them an authentic patina and rewired them keeping the original paddle switches in tack.

    Ray’s place is north of Liz’s hardware they highly recommened him and so do I.

  6. amy

    love love love this fixture. we just bought a 1911 a&c home and will start painting and renovating. quickly bought light fixtures just to get something in but will take your ebay idea and start checking it out.thanks so much for your site!

  7. Home Lighting

    Did you get this from Ebay too? It’s adorable! I have been trying to look for something like this for years but I can’t find any in my country.

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