• June 27, 2010

Making Progress, Slowly but Surely

Repurposing a Salvaged Door

Bathrooms, Restoration Diary

Any time I pull out the camera our corgi WInston strikes a pose. He is our resident supermodel.

We decided to enlarge the opening of the linen closet and add another door. Our contractor found a salvage door that he scaled down and rebuilt to match the existing linen closet door. In the photo above, the original closet door is on the left and the “new” closet door on the right.

Painting the doors will hide a multiple of sins like the wood grain going in different directions and patches around the door handle. We are thrilled with the new door.

The opening for the linen closet is ready to be framed in.

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  1. Crystal Alexander

    Oh. My. Gosh. Looking at those pictures gets me both excited and overwhelmed!!!!!

  2. leah

    what are the double doors in the middle?

  3. Heather

    Hi Leah! The double doors are actually closet doors. They are going on the linen closet. The doors are just propped against the wall for now. Our bathroom linen closet used to have only one door so we had another door made to match because we doubled the closet space.

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