• June 6, 2010

Destruction Zone

Our Bungalow Bathroom Remodel Begins

Bathrooms, Restoration Diary

Down with the walls! Look at all that extra usable space behind the wall. It even has the original wood flooring. For a house that is in desperate need of storage space, this is a very happy find.

The original woodwork has been stripped, although not too carefully since we intend to repaint it. We will still be using the bathroom during the construction process. This is the only bathtub in the house…and no shower!

Only the bottom portion of the walls will be removed. The walls will be white subway tile. We are hoping to save and repair the plaster ceiling and top portion of the walls.

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  1. Maria

    Finally! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see the results!

  2. Eric

    Is there enough usable space behind the wall that you could turn the tub 90 degrees, slide it into that cubby, and then add a separate shower where the head of the tub is now?

  3. Heather

    Eric, that is a great suggestion. Unfortunately the space follows the roofline and is only 5.5′ at the highest point…and slopes down from there.

  4. Dawn

    We really love the stained trim in our bathroom! You are so close, don’t repaint it! :)

  5. alicia e

    OMGosh…I just spent 2 hours reading the history. You are my people! Congrats. on the completions to date, it truly is an accomplishment. Been doing mine alone since 2000 and I am wondering…are you removing the lath before your installation of under-layment for tile? Our baths are similar. About to launch into mine mid July so I will be following yours.

  6. Heather

    Alicia, we are going to remove the lath and put cement board underneath the tile. Good luck with your upcoming bathroom remodel!

    Dawn, thanks for the encouragement…but we cannot go on. :)
    No more paint stripping…lol!

  7. From the SGV

    Hey folks -
    Glad to see you’re back on the radar for us old house freaks.

    Was just thinking that you might consider doing some type of insulation while the studs are exposed. I realize they’re not “exterior” walls but every little bit helps…especially for those cold mornings or midnight “runs.”

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