• June 18, 2010

House Color Inspiration

Historic Shingle Stain Colors

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Shingle Stain Colors from 1912, OldHouseColors.com

I recently stumbled across OldHouseColors.com, a site that provides information on historic paint and stain colors. Boy, would this have been helpful a few years ago when we were painting the exterior of our house!

Our house was originally stained a bright green color very similar to the brightest green stain sample.

I particularly enjoyed Restoring the Colors of a 1912 Arts & Crafts House: Shingle Stains of 1912, an article on the exterior restoration of a beautiful Arts & Crafts home designed by a Pasadena architect.

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  1. Elissa

    Ooo! Thanks for the link! I took a peek under the yucky asbestos shingles at our house and the shingles are stained a dark brown underneath. I was thinking of going back to that with some green trim similar to the second chip.

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