• February 27, 2009

Danish Kitchen Furniture

Hansen Living's unfitted kitchens

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During our 6 year journey trying to figure out what in the world to do with our kitchen, we stumbled across Hansen Living’s freestanding kitchen cabinets and storage solutions. It was something we both (gasp) liked. The cabinets were designed by Danish architect Knud Knapper after studying the way professional chefs use a kitchen.


The clean lines, solid wood construction, craftsmanship and attention to detail are right at home with Arts & Crafts philosophy. My taste in kitchens leans a little more modern than what is typically found in a bungalow. These cabinets are a good compromise.


I met with Susan Serra, kitchen designer and the US rep for Hansen Living, last summer in New York City. We hit it off immediately. She offered suggestions and I loved all of them.


The cabinets are even more beautiful in person and so finely crafted that they resemble a piece of furniture. I left the meeting with Susan Serra super excited and ready to start planning our new kitchen in the fall.


Then the economy turned and we decided to wait. David was laid off from his job. Our kitchen fund is now our pay the mortgage and buy groceries fund.


But, I am still so in love with Hansen Living. This white kitchen in a historic Copenhagen apartment is what started it all. As soon as I saw these pictures I was smitten.


The pieces are freestanding, so theoretically, you can pack your kitchen up and take it with you when you move.


I hope we will be able to remodel our kitchen sooner rather than later. In the mean time, I will continue to dream…


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  1. Susan

    Thank you so much for the mention! Yes, Hansen is very special, I’m glad you appreciate its great features. It will be my pleasure to help you as your plans evolve. FYI, Hansen’s new website is: http://www.hansenkitchen.com and it is currently still in the works but will be finished in the coming weeks. Thanks again!

  2. countertops

    Those are some really nice kitchen photos

  3. Alan

    Wow! The craftwork of these cabinets is stunning. I like the darker woods because they show less wear and tear and care more water resistant if you use an oil-based stain. (A friend and I are discussing this now about the moulding in my house. It’s dark, but I’m tempted to paint it light. He says BAD idea! LOL)

    Anyway, I wish you a lot of luck. Maybe with the economy like it is, you can find a local craftsman who can the job at a more affordable price instead of going to a manufacturer.

    Best of luck with the bungalow!

  4. Artemis

    These are gorgeous! Just out of curiosity (since our kitchen fund is dwindling too….)—what kind of price range are the Hansen pieces in? I love the idea of a modular kitchen, especially since we may be renovating ours in chunks. Could be an intriguing solution.

  5. Maria

    Have been lurking for a long time. We will start remodeling our bungalow soon and really appreciate all you share of the process. But what I am really writing to say is that those of us who have been following along for awhile care about you as well as your house. Please let us know how you are!

  6. sarah

    I’m sure someone has mentioned this, but IKEA has a freestanding kitchen (I think Varde is the series, maybe?) that looks fairly similar – though certainly a different quality. Maybe more ‘bad-economy-friendly’? Thanks for sharing these photos – the pieces are absolutely incredible! They’re in my idea file for a future house, for sure.

  7. LIsa

    I just wanted to write – I discovered your website about 2 weeks ago – My husband and I just became first-time home owners of a 1912 craftsman bungalow in Oakland. Your website is inspirational, thank you for doing it. I will be checking it regularly. I hope all is well and wish you the best.

  8. Danny

    What route did you finally decide to go with your kitchen? I like this look but prefer the white traditional bungalow style. I’m sure whatever you do your kitchen will be gorgeous.

  9. Valerie

    So, tonight my husband and I took off panelling that was covering our kitchen, and behind it we found a “nook” about 3 1/2 feet off the floor and about the same in depth. I suppose it was a cupboard. Now the trick is to change our original plan of what we were going to do with the kitchen to incorporate this. However, we are at a loss. We are looking for floor plans of our 1912 bungalow. Any ideas on where to look? And, just because it was built in 1912, doesn’t mean that they people didn’t buy the plans in 1908 and finish building in 1912. Any advice on how to find those kitchen plans? Also, how freaky is it that finding a “cubby” hidden behind sheetrock totally made my night!!!!!

  10. Tom @ diylogic.com

    I must say they are amazing freestanding kitchens. I seen something like them on TV a few months ago. It was amazing how all the family got involved in cooking because of the layout.

    Just need to start saving to afford one

  11. Granite Countertops

    The kitchen cabinets definitely look great, but I am for granite countertops in kitchen add more aesthetic value.

  12. Panel Clips

    Wow, the Hansen Living pieces look amazing. They look a little more rustic and make the kitchen appear a little warmer.

  13. Michelle

    I see you haven’t been posting for a while. We have been looking at houses nearby, and sometimes I wonder, “what happened to the Bungalow blogger?” I hope you are OK and weathering the financial hard times.

    • Heather

      Hi! We are fine…just a little lazy about updating the site. : )
      We have done lots of work on the house though. Hopefully, I’ll get the site up to date soon. There are a lot of wonderful houses in the area. Good luck with your house search.

  14. Mary

    My husband and I own a 1912 Craftsman home. It has an upstairs just as big as the downstairs so don’t think it’s a “bungalow.” But it has little “rooms” off of each bedroom upstairs. I don’t know if that was originally intended or because of remodeling over the years. I call them the “hidey-holes” and my grandson thinks they’re really cool!

    Maybe one of the readers of your blog can tell me if those little “rooms” are original and no, they aren’t closets!
    Love your website!

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