• February 2, 2009

Bungalows, 1905-1915

Historical photos of bungalows

Bungalows, Inspiration

bungalow_01Los Angeles bungalow

I recently ran across several original images of bungalows that I had saved. Enjoy!

bungalow_02Postcard of a California bungalow

bungalow_03Photograph of a California bungalow featured in the Wilson plan book that was published in 1908.

The Wilson plan book states: “This six-room bungalow has cobblestone chimney and porch balustrade, cement porch steps, shingled roof and gables and re-sawed siding walls. A disappearing bed receptacle is thus provided, which can be utilized from either the bedroom or the den, as owner may prefer. The house can be built for $2000, including the bed.”

I am intrigued by the disappearing bed. I wish our house had one.

bungalow_04Bungalow with upstairs rooms

bungalow_05Photograph of an early Los Angeles, CA bungalow

bungalow_07Photograph of a New Jersey bungalow taken in 1914

bungalow_09Tiny California bungalow with a cat sitting on the front porch

bungalow_10Postcard of Whittier, CA bungalow that is almost completely covered with vines

If you look closely at the above photo, you will see a man wearing a top hat standing in front of the house.

bungalow_12Los Angeles Bungalow from the Wilson plan book

Wilson plan book states: “This is a typical Bungalow, with a low roof, broken by long shed dormer, wide overhanging eaves and gables, battened side walls to the belt course, exposed chimney and fine large front porch. It is 30 feet by 52 feet over all, and can be built for about $1900.”

bungalow_13Another Los Angeles bungalow from the Wilson plan book

“For a six-room house, perhaps this is the plan which I most frequently suggest, and it has never failed to bear out my recommendation. Its exterior is massive, solid and artistic. The broad span of the front, the heavy cobblestone pillars, foundation walls and exposed chimney, in connection with overhanging eaves and shed-roof, all add artistic beauty.”

I couldn’t agree more. This house could be built for around $2350 in 1906.

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